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In the Universal Flow of Unconditional Love

All concepts of how we express ourselves are shifting as we approach the dawning of a new era, especially how we engage with the dynamics of love and fear. Up until now we understood that to hold a feeling of love for our fellow beings is a high vibrating ideal and one to actively pursue, while fear is commonly accepted as a low-frequency vibration. Consciousness is now rapidly shifting toward the understanding of Oneness. We are collectively being asked to release ourselves from angry, painful, worry-filled systems of thought, and step into the understanding of unconditional love. This is not as simple as we like to think. We have all been inundated with thought patterns, belief systems and scare tactics that expound the devastating realism of a world destined for doom. Fear is a challenging and overbearing presence to conquer. But conquer it we must.

Understanding Unconditional Love in a Dualistic Real World View

Love and fear are the opposite expressions of heart energy. Unconditional love and unconditional fear represent the extreme polar ends of one paradigm. Unconditional love doesn’t accept weakness and fear as real, it sees past it, through it and beyond it. All fear disintegrates when exposed to the light of pure love. They simply cannot co-exist in the same space. In love there is nothing to fear. Likewise, when locked in paralyzing fear you are not loving. Fear dominates and creates such extreme darkness that the light of love isn’t even visible.

Fact is most people have had very little real world experience with unconditional love. We’re still locked in a learning curve. Most people still hold expectations around their ‘unconditional’ love and it’s no wonder. We live in a real world of conditions and expectations. We live in a dimensional plane of time lines, schedules and due dates. The real physical world functions around the exchange of value; money or barter for service/commodity. We hold and share love in this same way.

Unconditional Love–>    <–Unconditional Fear

We’ve been learning how to be in love. The energies of the past 2000 years of the Picean Age under the directive of the Christ consciousness have allowed us to engage with life interactively as our energies flowed freely between love and fear. We learned how to maintain the flavour of each within the experience of either. We touched on our fears while simultaneously feeling love. If we were smart we tried to learn to appreciate our own weaknesses and strengths through the continuous interplay of these energies. In understanding that as we held fear for others we were merely projecting our own inadequacies, we opened the opportunity for deep personal healing. Our fear belongs to us alone and we have no right to lay it over someone else’s experience. Most people experienced a relatively small cycle of love/fear flowing through a balanced point of energy. The challenge has been precisely to achieve and maintain a balanced state of being between these two dynamics. But now as we approach 2012 and a fuller expression of the Aquarian Age, the stakes of the game have been raised.

We are currently in the process of shifting consciousness to the emergent dynamic of Oneness. Those of us who can hear this message of universal oneness and are willing to embrace its’ poignancy are being asked to step up our integrity to be impeccable in the way we perpetuate this vibration of unconditional love. It is a time of faith and action. It’s time to walk the talk. And time to surrender fully to the light! In Oneness we are being asked to shift our attention to the radiant, omniscient consciousness of unconditional love.

A Paradigm Shift: A World in Oneness

I can see your virtual warm and fuzzy smiles at the mere thought of oozing your unconditional love to all and sundry. So consider this…

The opposite of Love is Fear.

If we are truly in unconditional love then we are in a fear less state of being.

Got it?

More love -> Less fear.


Unconditional love = Fearlessness

So now…ask yourself again…how often are you truly in a state of unconditional love…how easily do you slip into fear, for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers? It is easier for most people to ‘feel’ an unconditional love for people that they are not personally invested in. This is not ‘unconditional love’ however, it is ‘not giving a damn’ – they are not the same thing. The closer people get to their own gene pool and hence their own heart the more difficult it is to remain unconditional. To truly maintain ‘unconditional love’ means to be able to maintain the vibe under every extreme condition, under the worst circumstances. Remember, love is a high frequency emanation – fear a low one. Love will always conquer fear if love is unconditional. When love is shaded with doubt, fear and worry it is not pure, it is tainted by darkness and doesn’t have the power to conquer anything. Only complete pure unconditional love will conquer all.

Why Bother You Ask?

The emergent consciousness is grounded in Oneness. Through this new experience of Oneness we will surely learn what it is to share universal life force energy unreservedly. We will come to understand that we cannot harm another sentient being without causing harm to ourselves. And if we learn our lessons well we will come to experience unparalleled growth, health, harmony and unconditional love. Jose Arguelles in his video “2012 – Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge” [see below] encourages us to create a positive dynamic energy that must be equal to and beyond the negative force caused by the atomic bomb if we want to evolve past our current state of being. Our planet is currently, officially in an unsustainable state. On this current path of negativity, war, political dominance, uncontrolled consumerism and blatant greed we are destined to fail as a species and as a planet. Will love save us? As a physical species and presence in our Solar System – perhaps. As spiritual entities connected to an evolving God consciousness – unequivocably YES!

The last several decades have shown innumerable tribes of healers emerging all over our planet. More and more we are recognizing our individual powers and desire to heal ourselves, each other and our planet. Indeed we are proving to the world and our universe that we are Healers. Consider that our little blue and green gem ‘Earth’ is a healing oasis floating in the universe – a cosmic training ground for healers of all descriptions. Consider that potentially Earth is actually destined to be a lush safe place to grow, to learn and to evolve as spiritual beings and that unconditional love is our way! Imagine what it would be like if we were able to successfully create an omniscient energy of complete unconditional love, compassion and acceptance on a worldwide scale. Perhaps it is our Destiny to offer our services of healing to the cosmos.

Let’s focus all our love-filled intent to become the planet for universal healing. Human beings are delicate, fragile, vulnerable physical beings. But when you add our vastly creative minds and our abundant compassionate hearts to the mix you begin to realize the fantastic potential we hold to biologically, electrically, and magnetically shift reality into an unprecedented glorious manifestation of vibrant health.

If we’re going to be Healers – let’s do it with all the Unconditional Love we can muster!

Let Love Raise You Up!

In my new age world of spiritual healing it is very common to hear people talking about unconditional love and peace. It’s all part of the lingo. And even though I know that in their heart of hearts they truly mean to feel and hold unconditional love, saying so doesn’t make it so. So often I see and hear people today slipping into quiet, soft-spoken, treacle coated places assuming the countenance of smiling Buddhas. It’s as if people assume that to be seen as spiritual you have to appear to be made of sugar. Unfortunately, all too often, I see the sugar melt in the pouring out of tears that belong to fear, worry, anger, injustice and pain.

Fact is, that while most people can appreciate the ideal of unconditional love, they will easily fall for very human dynamics when it comes to living day-to-day life. Our common, very human, lesson in life is to learn how to let love raise you up! Up out of the low vibrations of fear, worry and anger. Our common, very human lesson is to learn to surrender to the flow and not to get caught in the overwhelming darkness of fear. In a dualistic expression it is our journey to discover ourselves and our potential through faith in what we can’t see. The question is: can we remember to let the pure vibration of unconditional love boost our lagging, depressed energy fields In our darkest hour?

Pray for Love

When we fear we pray. This is the way of humans. It’s our safety net. It’s a good thing.We are allowed to petition the God-consciousness to help us. Too often, however, people pray to have their problems resolved from a place of fear. Instead, try praying to raise your energy up out of fear. Pray instead to be filled with love. Pray to be re-aligned with your divine purpose and power. Pray to have your heart healed and your eyes set back on the course of faith and one love. Forgive yourself for being weak, fragile and afraid. And be willing to be restored in your greatness.

Dear God Consciousness of One, I am filled today with fear and worry. I pray for your support and love to flood my being. Hold me up now when I cannot hold myself. I am humble and grateful for your support. I am open and willing to receive the flow of love through my being. I am willing to release myself from my fears and worries. Allow me to experience your abundant flow of peace and love, clarity and wisdom, kindness and generosity. Remind me of my strength and purpose that I may serve my fellow beings to the best of my ability. Let me be a clear and precise mirror of the love that exists through and around all consciousness. Dear God renew me in my love and potential. I am one with all that is. So Be It.

We quickly say that love is all there is. We easily believe that God is love. We believe that God’s love is unconditional. If we want to believe that God’s love  – the driving force of our universe is All, then let’s try to understand the true relevant power of that. There exists a powerful benevolent force in our universe that is a truth unto itself. It seems to have no condition, no preference, no bias. It appears randomly and abundantly when needed. It seems to flow through our hearts. It creates healing, health and well-being and ultimately peace and Oneness. We call it unconditional love. Let Love raise you up!

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Love Is All by Pam Gerrand

A Reason for Everything…Let it Go!

I talk a lot about letting go and people nod, nod, nod and then shake their heads in hopeless confusion. Let go how? of what? when? and why? It seems an impossible concept to grasp. “How can I let go? Doesn’t everything happen for a reason? What if I let go of the wrong thing?” It’s a conundrum. In a societal, cultural structure that has told us to achieve, acquire, collect and attain it is a challenging concept to wrap our noodles around. We’ve been taught to grab on to that brass ring and never let go. And we’ve learned well…we hold on to our hearts, our feelings, our thoughts and belief systems, our ways, and our stuff.

Unfortunately, holding on to things is contradictory to the process of life. Everything in our world is impermanent. Every thing will rot, it will decay, it will die or it will simply change. To make sense of our lives as they are we try to create meaning around our things, our belief systems, our habits and the happenings of our lives. By creating reasons we give ourselves permission to hold on to things. On one hand we want to be free of the linear systems and on the other we try madly to recreate them forward. In one breath we try to be creative and open and in the next breath we are already trying to stuff everything into line where it makes sense. We are always trying to understand things from a meaningful point of view, from a reasonable perspective. Reason, after all, is what makes sense of this world and of us. Reasons assign the value of every thing and every happening. When tragic things happen we imploringly want to know why.  Unfortunately in determining reasons we can often lose the magic of the moment.

My Mind Says That There Is A Reason for Everything

There have been many times in my life when I have congratulated myself on being even-tempered, non-emotional, logical and reasonable. I am often able to see both sides of a situation, and be very sympathetic to the other persons’ position. I have prided myself on having big shoulders and bearing the burden in a situation because it seems easier for me to carry the load than passing the responsibility on to the appropriate shoulders. My very clever mind has always been extraordinarily good at ‘understanding reasons’ and creating reasonable projections into the future. My very clever mind, however, has not always been very good at just being with what was without reasons. I am learning. I am finding it’s enough to just be. I am discovering that often when we jump on the reason train we escape a situation before we’ve had time to really feel it out.

We use reasons to blame, to find fault, to create acceptance, to excuse behaviour and to create purpose. Can you accept your life and all the pieces in it without having a reason for them? Does that sound unreasonable to you? Can you accept a blessing without asking why or what for? Can you be present to another’s unbearable pain without trying to find a silver lining reason or purpose for it? These reason-making exercises are just occupations of a clever mind. Let go the need to explain, the need to project, the need to plan, the need to understand, or the need to know. Believe me life goes on without having reasons.

Fact is there may never be known reasons for everything no matter what my mind likes to think. We live in a cause and effect reality. Everything that happens stems from something. In this dualistic reality we can expect this to be the way it’s going to keep playing out. So we can effectively look behind us and see how things led to this moment but we have to be very careful how we extrapolate the present moment in to the future. Equations that cause effects that look like reasons don’t necessarily belong projected into the future. Sometimes it is simply more prudent to take the mind off the job and let the heart guide the way. Let go your reasons and have a little faith!

Heart Will Lead Us Down Uncharted Paths

When we search for and create reasons for events or situations we limit outcomes. We dictate a flow of energy that makes sense to our own minds for our own purposes. By determining a possibility we limit its’ whole expression.  The value of any moment is to be with it in the moment as fully and as emotionally as possible. The heart will authentically guide us toward our next moment. We may be able to come up with reasons to create the next step but this is unnecessary. When we breathe in and out we don’t think of when the next breath will come, we don’t think how to take the next breath, we usually simply allow it to arise when it needs to. When the body needs to breathe it will.  The naturally ever balancing aspect of our bodies and of our universe is to accept the moment fully as it is, feel the most personal relevancy in the moment and allow the next moment to swell up automatically without dictation or direction. Have faith that it will. The Heart that is connected to all the rhythm and synchronicity of the universe will in fact guide us perfectly.

There have been many times in my life when I have mollified myself by saying that everything happens for a reason. In hindsight I realize that most of these ‘reasons’ were simply excuses to avoid looking at the real issue, or to avoid doing what actually needed doing or even to avoid just sitting still. Sometimes we inadvertently build convoluted rational mazes just to keep ourselves from making the appropriate intuitive choice.

I have a couple of friends right now that are suffering in their need to take the next step yet are unable to figure out how, where or why. They are looking for reasons, for explanations and for purpose. So focused are they on there being a reason for their discomfort that they are unable to see that they are creating the bulk of their discomfort simply by not moving with the natural ‘swelling’ of the next moment. Their pain is caused by trying to validate their past experience as a reason for something else, they cling desperately to the past hoping for a different outcome.

Move On ! Let It Go!

So when I say let go I mean let go of your logic, let go of your reason making, let go of your need to understand why, let go of your mind needing to figure it out. When people experience emptiness in their lives, they struggle to fill it with something that made them feel good in the past. The approval from others, the love from others, recognition in success, or some other kind of validation. Leave all these things in the past, leave them in their time, let go and move forward. Allow the magical unknown nature of our Universe to blow a new possibility into your reality. Realize that you are pulling a sled of used up experiences with you that make no sense in the future. Let the new moment be fresh, filled with new life force. Let it swell up inside you with the next breath. It will.

Transcending Fear ~ Dancing Your Heart’s Song

We are sitting today at the threshold of unprecedented growth. Everything in the world as we know it to be is up to be transformed and transcended. Collectively we have entered the chrysalis stage of human development. At this point anything is possible. As we surrender our selves to this stage of transformation we must release the fear of no longer being as we formerly knew our selves to be. All of our ego identifications and ideals that belonged to our caterpillar selves must be surrendered to the new greater whole…and this feels risky.

Negotiating the Risk Factor

In actuality though, the risk is minimal. There is no real risk in evolution. In evolution things simply, almost imperceptibly, move to the next step. We either try to delay the process of evolution by focusing on what was and continue to uphold those old ideas or we learn to release our ego attachments and set our sights forward to the unknown potential of what is to come. It becomes a matter of looking forward or looking backwards, or more precisely, of looking outwards compared to looking deeply inwards. We tend to equate unknown with dangerous but this is only a projection of fear.

A very useful acronym for F.E.A.R is False. Experience. Appearing. Real. The experience is deemed false simply and truthfully because it hasn’t happened yet, so we actually project an outcome forward based on a negative past experience, which we assume makes it real because it happened a certain way in the past. Unfortunately, the error in the equation is that it doesn’t take into consideration all the awareness, skill and knowledge that has been learned between the old experience and the current time. All of these unacknowledged experiences have the power to create a completely new outcome. By laying the old expectation over the new possibility we create a future that mimics the patterns of the past – thereby ‘proving’ our fear to be valid. When we learn to view the future as a new adventure we get to co-create an entirely new possibility for ourselves.

A new mantra to use in place of the old acronym is Forgive. Everything. As. Required. Using this mantra whenever we feel the old emotional F.E.A.R. grab hold of our bodies and minds will serve to ‘re-mind’ us to leave the past in the past, forgive unconditionally what ever it is in us that wants to hold on to the past, and prompt us to let go without attachment for our highest good. Through forgiveness we may gratefully acknowledge the small part of us that is unsure, and yet in the same breath we can energize the visionary part of us that wants to move boldly forward toward the unknown.

Taking a Leap of Faith

In co-creation we solicit the assistance of the Divine Creative, the one with the plan. And I don’t mean the one being – I mean the one consciousness of which we are all part. In One consciousness we move into our perfect placement in the holistic holographic blueprint for humanity’s ever evolving nature. In Oneness, I simply do my part while everyone does his/her part. Ego and self-righteousness disappears in the perfection of the whole dynamic. While this is certainly happening already to a degree, the overall plan is currently reflecting distortions caused by individual attachments, control issues and fears. Through surrender to our mutual perfection we allow minute variations to occur which more accurately tune us into the right place, right time scenarios. The trick lies in being able to recognize the pivotal synergistic opportunities without projecting egotistical needs over top. To establish this clarity of intuition vs ego we need to make friends with our hearts. Love offers us the opposite vibration to fear.

The heart pulses out a frequency that is connected to and resonates with the sacred pulse of the universe and our earth. The Base Resonant frequency of Earth is our touchstone of reality that serves to keep us entrained in the harmonious working of all things great and small within our Universe. By releasing our minds from fear we are able to ‘keep up to speed’ with the quickening vibrational frequency of the Sacred Circuit of Universe>Earth>Heart>Cells. As our bodies are creating new cells by the second we allow our cellular construction to be built-in harmony with all that is; in new progressive programming instead of the old worn out tired and dis-eased programming of the past.

Stirrings of Light and Love

So here we sit, looking forward to a new day, or fearing the collapse of the old day. Truly this is a very apt comparison. We sit in the in between time between dark and light, we are in the dusk/dawn time of a new era. One era day is ending while a new one is simultaneously beginning. Trying to hold on to yesterday won’t help us and in fact puts us in a very surreal place of non-relevance. By keeping our attention on a day that has passed we cease being able to put our energies where they can be of assistance to the transition ahead. We lock ourselves into repetitive patterns, gradually becoming less and less effective; more and more jammed up, less and less able to hold the light of the new frequencies of the new era being birthed.

We are by nature visionary, and if you have been paying attention to your heart – even in the slightest, you’ll have noticed that in recent months you have been feeling somewhat dissatisfied (if not greatly frustrated) to be doing the same old same old. You are yearning for a new expression. Deep inside you are feeling the push/pull of something truly great wanting to come forward from within. A sacred resonance is being activated and you are at this point in the transformation only half-heartedly listening to your truth calling you forward. Your body, however, is desperately wanting to heed the insistent whisperings.

By attuning all of your attention to your heart you will begin to hear the transmissions of universal energy clearer and clearer. You will begin to move your body to dance with the rhythms of the universe. You will automatically be able to step into the right place and right timing to fill the position that is perfect. It may feel like a leap of faith when in truth it is only a step in the dance; the dance of your own creation for the highest good of all.

Calling all Dreamers and Lightworkers – Your Destiny is Now!

I warn you right now, before you read another word, today I’m being deadly serious. In light of the happenings on our earth and in our consciousness over the past couple of weeks it’s time to get seriously REAL! I’m talking about you starting to live as the Divine Being you really are – the Earth needs you to.  YOU are each wondrous Beings of Light and possibility, here on earth at this time in history to help birth the new changes! It’s time to step up to the plate! Your destiny is here now!

The Situation

We – all human beings on earth –  are sitting in a precarious state these days. Our earth is rocking and rolling, shifting and shimmying and her people are becoming deeply frightened. People who had previously ignored the turmoil and upheaval in the world are suddenly waking to the crisis that millions are facing daily. People around the world are crying tears of empathy and sorrow for their fellow beings’ trauma and hardships. But compassionate crying is not what is needed now. Now we need strength and clarity if we want to heal and evolve consciousness. We need all hands on deck on Starship Earth! It is critical that we begin to direct all our focus on our strengths, our possibility and most importantly on our Divinity. It is vital that we begin to see ourselves as sacred expressions of Divine Light if we intend for humanity to survive these incumbent earth changes.

I want to be very clear here – this truly is not a doomsday warning. I don’t know, no one knows, what our world will be like when all the dust settles and the waters recede. I’m sure for the people of the many countries that have been so tragically hit by drought, flood, earthquake, tsunami, tornadoes, and fire,  it must seem as though the very worst has already happened. Their lives are irreparably changed. And these are just a few of the many natural devastating events that have happened recently, never mind the politically based atrocities that happen continuously on one continent or another. I couldn’t guess what the outcome of the coming years will be. Who’ll be safe and who’ll be endangered is not however relevant to the outcome. As far as I’m concerned we’re all in it together. Nothing sets us apart except our geographical locations. The entire earth and her populations will be required to continuously adapt as living species after species are eradicated from our biosphere. What happens to one happens to all equally. It’s time to step out of the illusion that tells you that the horrific things that are happening to the earth and her people are not happening to you. What happens to one of us – affects all of us.

It’s time to wake up, we’re living a nightmare!

The prophecies are ominous, the science is nebulous, some religions offer ideas of salvation for select numbers and chosen denominations. The masses however remain confused and worried. It’s like we are living in a nightmare and just like being in a dream we feel almost powerless to change the course of events as they continue to unfold. The only thing most people agree on is that a transition is near. We are approaching a time in history, a date, after which no one has any idea of what will happen. We are however, agreed that we are entering a new uncharted era. We are in transition and we need a plan!

It’s time to let go and let God! In a very big way! But I’m not suggesting that you just give up…I’m saying that it is time to just wake up, let go of the nightmare and fear and let your Divine nature take hold of the reins.

To wake up we must implement a strategy now, for now, to get us through now. We can only heal in the now. To heal a problem, dysfunction or system of dis-ease we need to do 3 things:

i) Come into full awareness of the problem as it exists, without judgment or blame or believing in fairy tales endings. Just see it for what it is. Step into the real moment – NOW.

ii) Adopt healthy, sustainable life-generating values, principles and habits. Stop indulging in habits that don’t support growth, expansion and life.

iii) Understand yourself and cultivate yourself as an empowered Divine Being with the ability to make choices of unlimited resource and potential. Begin conducting yourself with all your senses balanced in heart and mind.

You are Greater than You Realize!

It is becoming increasingly critical that we learn to understand ourselves fully as an integral part of earth and earth consciousness. As the earth moans and groans and adjusts her great body to move through the galaxy at this time in history we are obligated to understand that we are along for the ride. It is our option to continue behaving as parasites upon the surface of the earth, sucking the life out of our host with out a care for her survival, only looking after our own relative comfort. Be aware that eventually, as the living species that are extensions of elemental earth perish and become extinct, our own parasitic selves become vulnerable to death. However, if we were to embrace ourselves as conscious living extensions of earth as well and recognize our innate Divine aspect, there is a hope, not primarily for survival, but for successful transition.

Most of us know that the truest essence of ourselves is not restricted to being this imperfect vulnerable physical body that walks a few short years upon the surface of earth, but rather that we are divine in nature and that our true spirit is intrinsically connected to all spirit and thus ultimately that spirit will survive all physical devastation. Our challenge then becomes not of surviving physical life, but in not creating negative karma that will continue to hinder the growth of generations to come. What we do today will inevitably influence what our future generations have to contend with.

Consider that by our actions and reactions, our successors will either be starting again, struggling from scratch, back to square one, like has happened at least 4 times before in our history on planet earth or that there exists a possibility of continued expansion and growth from this day forward. Perhaps if we were to conduct our selves with grace, gratitude, responsibility, forgiveness, love and compassion we could lessen the burdens of  excessive emotional and spiritual baggage that we have carried forward to date and are already shipping into the future.

Create an Inspired Vision for Life

Imagine a new world that is guided in wisdom and love; a world where we are aware of our history and are no longer required to engage in power struggles and greed to the detriment of our fellow beings in consciousness. Imagine that we have all learned our lessons well, and that we, through self forgiveness and compassionate understanding, understand the roles we have all played in the devastation of our earth as she is today but also that we are able to celebrate in her renewal and long-term survival.

Spirit will re-manifest itself for expression somewhere again in time and space. Great mystics, visionaries, scientists and healers have always known that life extends beyond the confines of our physical expressions, beyond life on earth in fact. There is life within life, many systems of life, co-existing and interdependent. We humans are but one stream of sentient consciousness.

In this blog site I’ve written a lot about empowerment, making choices, sacred geometry, divine expression over the years. These are not idle self-interested musings with vague purpose. The purpose of this blog is to address our changing world and her conditions. As the stewards of this little spinning Garden of Eden, we are obligated to develop strategies for her survival and yet we have steadfastly refused to tend to her care. We have failed miserably and we are now sit facing imminent disaster and self-destruction.

It is not too late to recommit and reinvest our attention and intentions for a healthy vibrant outcome. We need to adopt new ways of coping and handling life force energy quickly if we intend to create a peaceful, sustainable future. Specifically we need to adopt those qualities NOW~ We need to embrace sustainable and regenerative thoughts, act with love and compassion, refuse the indoctrination of fear and warring from the powers that be and live generously with grace. We are unlimited sources of energy, able to visualize and actively create a new destination than the one we are currently headed towards. If we want future generations to be able to experience peaceful life on Earth we need to plant those spiritual seeds now so a new expression of earth can be birthed.

Reiki: A Discovery of Self-Empowerment

I came across Reiki one day back in 1995 while giving a talk about herbs and organic gardening. Up until that minute I had never even heard of it, and in the last 16 years since then I haven’t experienced one minute without it. There was an instant recognition that Reiki and I somehow belonged together, but I was gun-shy about joining into any belief system and literally ran in the other direction. It took me a full year before I was willing to entertain the idea of learning Reiki.

Doubtful Beginnings

I’m a self-starting kind of person, I have always been self-employed and have always called my own shots. I have always felt very strongly about maintaining my independence and helping myself, and although I was at a point in my life where I needed a new perspective and certainly some help from somewhere I just couldn’t wrap my head around a nebulous healing modality that was based in channeling energy. I did however, eventually take the courses and immediately understood myself to be engaged in a very personal discovery of self-empowerment. I felt better about it then. When I could feel the power of Reiki in my own core, in my own hands and use it for myself I was hooked. I determined to find out as much as I could about it and tried to experience it in every aspect of my life. Certainly Reiki was something I could share with others, but most importantly I could use it for myself.

The first degree of Reiki teaches us about self-treatment. Not only are you given a treatment protocol that teaches you how the give yourself Reiki, it also teaches us the value of doing so. Reiki gives us  5 precepts, that when practiced serve to awaken ourselves to peaceful ways, compassion and tolerance. In Reiki you become attuned to a vibration of energy that is highly organized and intelligent. It immediately stimulates the body to search out health and healthy patterns.

Reiki, Me and the Rest of Creation

I practice Reiki today because I am concerned for the well-being of humanity and our earth. I am fascinated by the possibility that we can change the world, indeed our future by the way we think, feel and of course behave. But all behaviour stems in thought and belief systems. I had been exposed to the power of the subconscious mind, positive thinking and creative visualization since childhood and began actively working with these concepts as a young adulthood. As I’ve grown and matured – [which is code for gotten older and made a lot of mistakes] – I began getting smarter and less controlling with my practice. I gradually began to understand the power of surrender, patience and ease. My Reiki practice gave me ample opportunities to experience suffering, pain and hardships from a new perspective of choice, non-attachment and opportunity.  I learned to observe without meddling, I learned to give Reiki treatments without minding my clients’ business, I learned to remain unattached to their outcomes, their journeys and their pain. I focused instead on the perfect principle of health that presides in our bodies and universe. When I do this – focusing on the health in any situation – health blossoms. It’s that old adage in action: where attention goes energy flows. I practice on myself – diligently. I understand that  the change I want to see in the world starts with me!

I discovered that in every broken down body, in every situation of despair and suffering and in every circumstance of perceived failure is opportunity, healing, and success. In Reiki we are able to access that Divine aspect of ourselves that has not forgotten our greatness and our truest soul purpose. In Reiki we can learn to restore our intuition and natural vitality to create sustainable life for ourselves and our children. By empowering all that is Divine on our bodies, hearts and minds we align ourselves with the highest creative forces of our universe. Creative energy is omnipotent, and while it belongs to everyone equally it can not be harnessed and controlled by one for another. Awakening your creative energy is personally empowering, and personally gratifying.

Reiki empowers people in their strength and their spiritual resilience. We remember our greatness in Reiki. We become awakened to the Divine aspect of ourselves and our boundless limitless potential to be healthy, creative and vibrant entities.

Reiki; Part of the Solution

Many years have passed and Reiki is still a daily part of my life. Although I am a Reiki Master which means I am able to teach and attune others to this amazing modality, in my heart I am and will always remain a student and practitioner of Reiki. I meditate and give myself t daily still. Reiki offers us a very simple technique to build a relationship with peace that sits in our core. Reiki meets us where we live. Where ever we are at Reiki can be without question, without judgment. Reiki offers us a new attitude with which to negotiate a challenging world and difficult stressful life situations. Everyone can learn Reiki – and at the risk of passing a judgment everyone should! The world would be a very different place.

I am offering a One day Workshop – ‘Reiki+ Meditation; Help Yourself with Basics’ to introduce self-help techniques for stress, worry, and chronic pain. See above under Upcoming Events for more details.

Dancing To the Beat of A Sacred Drum

When I was introduced to Shamanism some 20 years ago some thing in me woke up. I’m not native by blood nor pretend to be, yet that said, my blood resonates with the sap flowing throughout nature. In my soul I am one with all manifestations of nature, the birds and animals, the herbs and trees, the crystals and stones, and the waters and soil, we are intrinsically entrained to each other. We all are. When the Shaman’s Drum beats my heart answers. My head forgets all ideas of separation, individuation and ego, there exists only the steady beating of a sacred heart that connects all life force as one.

I have practiced and studied shamanism, but this dance, this feeling that I speak of here is primal, natural and inherent to all. It is beyond culture or race or borders. It belongs to each of us, to humanity. The earth and us humans belong together  – we breathe one breath, we sing one song, and we pound out the beat together of one heart. This that I am speaking of doesn’t need to be studied – it needs to be felt and experienced. It needs only to be re-awakened.

As I began to wake up to the sacred beat of life there awoke in me also the power of healing. As I awoke to the power of healing in myself I also understood that what I healed in me I healed in the world around me. I further understood that that’s why we are all here at this time, to heal; ourselves, each other and our beloved earth. We are here and now because our consciousness is duty bound to evolve into health. Not to grow beyond the need to be on earth, but rather to celebrate a glorious manifestation of vibrant healthy life – all together. Let me attempt to share what I feel when the drum beats.

The Drum Speaks

The drum beats. Low, steady, monotonous beats. A heart beat. The heart beat of the Earth. Lying on the ground I envision my sacred dance.

My feet firmly planted on the soil as I intentionally attempt to connect with the heart of the Earth. My eyes closed, arms hanging relaxed and head gently falling forward I focus on my core, my center. I intend to connect with the earth as I listen to the beat of the drum. I feel my energy reach toward that heart of the great mother with every drum beat, with every breath I consciously send my energy deeper, deeper into the soil, to the soul of Earth. My intentions however, can only go so far. “Trust your heart to take you to Her”,  I hear the words as clearly as if they were spoken in my ear. My heart meets the drum. My soul reaches to meet with Hers. The drum keeps beating. The beats resonate with the vibration of my heart, with the vibration of the earth mother. It is undeniable. At essence we are one. Her and I. My spine begins to sway, in time with the beat, lost in the rhythm all conscious thought stops, only the rhythm is known now. Only the beat, only the vibration matters, all else fades away. The drum beat changes to match the vibration of my energy and the energy of the earth under my feet. The dance begins.

One Heart

The drums of the whole world come together to beat the same rhythm. All the dancers on the earth begin to dance the same dance. We are one, bound through the dance and our love for earth, bound through the heart of Earth, through our feet. All feet that walk upon this same soil of Earth can feel this rhythm, belong to this same rhythm. We are one, bound through our beating hearts and our beating drums. And as the beat goes on, and my spine sways, I feel my energy swell beyond my body, undulating with the pleasure of having found my homing rhythm. I become empowered as the earth shares her energy and power with me, just  as I have shared all of mine with her. We have transfused each other. We have nourished each other and now we celebrate.  The drum beat changes again.

Now she is pushing, pushing me to recall all that I know about myself and my world. As I hesitate, she pushes harder, until in a flood of emotion I recall another hidden part. More energy surges through me, reaching through up to the heavens. The drum beat is complex, tantalizing, teasing, pushing, pulling, the entire body moving easily with the beat of the drum. No mind. Just feeling, responding, initiating, trying to keep up with the relentless energy of the drum. I rely on the energy of the drum to keep my heart pumping, knowing that it will, always, be in sync with the mother, as she keeps me. The ecstatic moment of realization of Oneness comes and holds fast. All is well. The moment never passes. All of the past catches up instead. All of the future collapses into here and now.  Nothing is lost, everything is gained. And the drum changes again.

It slows to match the heart of earth. We have discovered a new understanding. A mutual evolution. There is a stronger bond now than before and as the drum beat slows once again to a heart beat . The Earth and I  and all the dancers of the earth send  prayers of gratitude for each other as we hold each other in sacred space until our next dance.

In this way does the drum speak to me. So profoundly. Each dance changes me, each one more memorable than the last. Invariably there comes emotional releasing and then emotional relief. The pent-up anxieties that have been niggling and bothering me are gone, the body feels freer, more able to be of health and vitality. Yes definitely more vital. More in tune, attuned to Life Energy as it surrounds me, there comes a greater ability to stand outside the chaos and see more accurately within the soul of life. The oneness of life between us all touches me deeper than ever before. The chaotic separateness of individual struggle is further removed. And with that come peace and with that the ability to be of service to a fellow traveller.

Keeping it Real This Bleak Mid-Winter

We’ve entered the deep freeze phase of winter. It’s a very surreal kind of time; everything is covered in snow, sounds are muffled and quiet, even the colours are muted. The earth  – at least in our hemisphere – is deeply frozen in sleep.

In times long gone by, the people, mindful of working in harmony with nature, would rest during this time, but alas, in our modern world we tend not to afford ourselves this luxury. If possible we try to escape the cold and head somewhere warm and sunny for a few days to get our vitamin D fix for the remaining winter weeks ahead but if not possible, we continue to slough it out at the same pace and rhythm of the rest of the year.

The energies of mid-winter support our need to hunker down, stay low, and rest. But as life tends to carry on and we can’t just slip into hibernation as some species do, we need to try to stay balanced by doing the things that will cause us the least resistance and difficulty. When we work in resistance we create unrest and imbalance in our body systems which will inevitably lead to colds, flus, broken limbs, accidents, and over exertion which in turn can develop into full blown disease. When we work in harmony with the seasonal opportunities however, we will find that we can move through winter easily and peacefully. Winter is peaceful, in fact it is almost monochromatic, showing us the beauty of simplicity and the joy in rest not just the need for it.

In Touch with Sacred Me

Winter is the ideal time to get in touch with our sacred self. Consciously moving our attention inwards to our core will help us get and stay grounded. The earth still beats out her heart rhythm and we are still engaged with her though the signals may seem quietly muted. There are things we can do to remind ourselves of our deep connection to the Earth and universe.

i) practice non-attachment: Since winter is already a hard time to keep things flowing, in order to  prevent life from freezing up on us it is important to lighten our loads. By this I mean that it is time to start letting go of ideas, attachments and clutter that no longer serve our highest good. For many aboriginal tribes this is the time of purification. By releasing our attachments to things we encourage subtle energies to keep flowing allowing new possibility to trickle in. Clean out, dust off and smudge stagnant energy.

ii) breathe, ground and meditate: This is a time of restructuring and coming into a new harmony for possible growth ahead. This is quiet and invisible work, it can only be realized in quiet contemplation. Just as the roots of a great tree reach deeply into the soil, through the frozen layer into the still warm earth beneath, so is it time to reach into our core to allow the warmth of our soul to maintain our vitality. Our soul, always connected to our divine blueprint will keep us moving through these months with guided purpose. Deep breathing exercises and longer meditations will keep providing us with focus and clarity.

iii) get outside: It’s cold, so bundle up and go for a walk anyway. Walking in nature in the winter can be a deeply spiritual exercise. It’ll clear your head, clear your lungs, and open your eyes. Winter walking is slower and more mindful than in the summer. Watch every step, breathe deeply and keep your eyes peeled for animals. They appear vibrantly in winter and have much to teach us. Cardinal for example teaches us of our sacred selves, the value of being grounded through the root chakra and in the same breath inspired to the loftiest goals. It’s clear song teaches us of speaking truthfully and sweetly, its colour teaches us of our vibrancy and passion and reminds us that while all may seem dormant today will revive in full power in Spring.

Spring is only a couple months away. In a few short weeks you will be feeling compelled to be moving at a much faster pace and chomping at the bit to get going, but for now rest…plan…meditate…and spend some time truly getting to know yourself and your relationships to all people and all things. Your ability to manifest yourself this spring will depend entirely on how real you can be with yourself now.

Reiki; A System of Mastery

Just for Today,

do not worry,

do not anger,

respect your parents, teachers and elders,

earn your living honestly,

show gratitude for all living things.

– Mikao Usui; founder of Reiki

Mastery; a foreign concept in our western way of thinking. It’s a word that is hardly relevant to our understanding of how the western world functions today. In our new world we assess achievement with diplomas, certificates and degrees and aggressively climbing the ladder to success. In the old world, however achievement was determined by mastery and degrees of mastery of skill sets. The education process, whether through apprenticeship or formal education was evaluated by a system that considered and challenged an individuals’ determination and willingness to accomplish a high personal moral and ethical standard in relationship to their work and social position.

Today we are less accountable to our professional and personal acquaintances for our belief systems but that’s not really the problem. The real problem is that we are significantly less accountable to ourselves to conduct ourselves with integrity and truth. More and more we put forth a minimum of effort, content to slip unnoticed through the cracks, and do the least of what is required in friendships and work. Sadly our own ambition, self-satisfaction and eventually happiness wanes in the fog of mediocrity.

Reiki; A System of Mastery

Reiki is a system of Mastery. The knowledge of Reiki is delivered to the student through levels of information that must be practiced, integrated and experienced before moving on to the next level of knowledge. Each level must be embodied before one can move on to the next. In fact it is only through that embodiment that Reiki can be understood. Only through embodiment can the knowledge and practice of Reiki be mastered. Only through mastery can the teacher effectively attune another to the knowledge of Reiki.

There are real things to learn and practice in Reiki. Time is needed before one can even get the feeling of energy consistently in their hands. But more than this, there is an esoteric quality to the knowledge of Reiki. This knowledge of Reiki is fiercely intimate. When a student has embodied the teachings of Reiki it is realized by others. Reiki affects the student on a cellular level. Students and clients will sense a resonance and even a vibration in their core when introduced to Reiki during an attunement or a healing session. Reiki will stimulate a long-lasting passion that is felt beyond anything words can adequately explain.

Awakening to Our Essential Self
Reiki also seems to commonly create a feeling of familiarity; a deep sense of ‘knowing’ is awakened. And this, in a nutshell, is wherein the healing power of Reiki resides; in its ability to awaken the innate knowing of divine health and perfect order within us. As you can imagine, it may take some time to become fully awakened to that perfect potential. After all, after having been asleep for a great deal of our lives we tend to be a bit groggy when our eyes first open to this new possibility. Just like waking from a dream, it can be difficult initially to know just what exactly is real and what is not. Fortunately we don’t have to think about it too much. We just have to learn to get out of the way.

The level of mastery of a Reiki practitioner depends on his/her ability and willingness to develop the skills required to work effectively with the tools of his trade in all aspects of his life. In Reiki these tools include the 5 precepts, and the symbols. The Reiki practitioner must learn to communicate effectively with energy, emotion, thought patterns and physical manifestation. A skilled Reiki practitioner has learned patience, stillness, and compassion. A Reiki practitioner achieving mastery learns to let go fear and expectation and has faith in the divine perfection of our universe – always. This is work for a lifetime. The game of life teaches us until the day we die lessons of fear, faith, love, respect, authenticity, and gratitude (the precepts of Reiki). It is unrealistic to believe that these lessons must be mastered to be a master of Reiki, there is needed only the loving willingness to be awaken to the divine life force within you within the teachings of Reiki the modality.

Is Reiki the only way?

No. Reiki just provides us an exceptional framework in which to work and measure ourselves. There aren’t many systems that are equally as effective in dealing with the whole body mind complex as Reiki is. There are fewer still that are available for training the self to accept health and well-being. But mastery in all aspects of life will improve the quality of life in general.

Reiki – as in Universal Life Force Energy –  teaches us that health is not something to seek nor to achieve so much as it is a way to be. The pain, disease and failure that we experience in our lives is largely a result of our expectations, our point of focus. Where attention goes energy flows. When our point of focus shifts towards space, de-congestion, stillness and non-attachment, we will find ourselves freed from pain, with peace and happiness close behind. Mastery is the key. Mastery of self, not of Reiki is what is needed.

Mastery is the Freedom of Mind
Mastery became distorted in our collective minds through the event of slavery, the idea that someone other than our self had the power and right to be Master over our own destiny. When we surrendered to the belief that we were to submit to a power greater than ourselves we lost. It’s a long climb back to the top when you’ve fallen to the bottom of the abyss. Mastery is to claim back the power of self from something that controls you.

If you are reading this you are probably not one of the millions of people on our planet who are still truly enslaved to another’s power and dominance. You are lucky. You have choice. You have the right to choose the quality of your life. So do you? Do you choose freedom of thought and excellence in the pursuit of your heart’s desire? Or do you stay enslaved by fear, by money, by jealousy, by loneliness, by boredom, etc? The things that can enslave you are endless, but as hard as this is to hear; it’s your choice. Choose to be free. Choose Mastery. Make a commitment to yourself to live passionately, honestly and authentically from your core. Release your enslavement and replace them with your power. Dedicate yourself to your highest possibility.

We are amazing manifestations of vibrating energy radiating light. When we are enslaved to a negative belief system, or a substance, or to another we diminish our natural ability to shine brightly. Take back your light, learn to be masterful in anything you choose.

Andrea is preparing to teach a !st Degree Reiki Class in Campbellford, ON and in Hamilton, ON in February. She is holding a Free Introduction to Reiki Gathering in Campbellford, ON on January 30, 2011 to answer questions, give sessions and provide information. This gathering is suitable for anyone interested is self-healing and discovery, learning Reiki for friends and family, or just trying it out. There is absolutely no obligation in attending. For more information see Upcoming Events at the top of this page.

Cleaning the Windows to Your Soul

January is all about the growing light. It makes us feel like doing more, taking charge, and making changes. Creating a fresh new start in life is like cleaning up your house. It’s time to clear out, dust off, and sort through the junk we’ve accumulated over the past year or so. Being unable to manifest new starts in life is largely governed by how much stuff we hold on to and allow to take up essential living space. The longer this stuff that we believe in sits undisturbed the more dead space we create in our lives. Clutter takes up valuable living space and energy. It’s time to revive the vitality in your home, body and soul. We start by cleaning the windows so the light can get in. Our intention is to create a greater bond, a soulful connection to the light, inside to outside.

Our truest expression is only possible when we are able to access our creativity. When we fall into habits of mundane routine we aren’t giving our truest nature permission to be, and when we aren’t expressing it we are depressing it. Any depression is rooted in a perceived inability to express our truest light and nature for all the world to see. Creativity sits at the most elemental aspect of ourselves as physical human beings. It is our innate nature to want to procreate, recreate, and be creative. Every cell in our body is designed to recreate itself with purpose and clarity.

As time goes by however, we add layers and layers of dust and grime that only taint the beauty of the thing within and prevents its’ light from shining outward. Just as we have to clean the windows of our house, we should regularly try to clean the windows of our soul. I’m referring to the windows of our chakra system which allow us to engage with the energy of the world. Both sides of the windows have to be cleaned, leaving either side dirty leaves them hard to see through. Inside grime relates to our attachments to the things we believe in and covet, outside grime to the belief systems of others that we don’t necessarily adopt but entertain all the same. Each chakra pertains to specific aspects of creativity and thus your manifestation.

Cleaning The Chakra Windows

To clean the windows of the chakra system you need only to honestly awaken to the film that covers them. Your ability to connect with the life force of the universe is inherent, it is only your belief in the limitations that inhibits you from living a self actualized creative life.

Remember yourself to be a sacred divine expression of light. As light you are limitless and free to learn, share, love, heal, grow and nurture as you please. As a sacred being of light you deserve being worthy of your own love and praise, reverence and respect. See yourself as a beautiful stained glass window worthy of your awe, for you are awesome, in design and beauty. When the light of the universe can shine through you to others, without the distortion of faulty belief systems you will be able to inspire and support the glorious revelation of others through your own clarity of divine purpose. Genuine acknowledgment and acceptance of yourself as a divine expression of purpose will automatically begin the cleaning process. In the light of truth the distortions have no place.

  • Sit down in meditation,
  • Breathe gently, deeply and fully.
  • Gently bring your attention to each chakra,
  • Listen, observe and witness the voices, the messages, and the belief systems you privately hold.
  • In relationship with each chakra ask yourself what inhibits your right to create yourself fully and freely from that chakra’s perspective.
  • Don’t edit yourself.

As the stories are told and are accepted as true the light will shine brighter and brighter. Hold faith in your soul’s inherent right for expression.  Be patient and kind with yourself; your soul’s purpose will stay hidden until you are willing to protect its’ right to shine brightly.