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Reiki & Energy Healing

You are a natural healer. Your body is in fact an enormously resourceful and regenerative natural machine that strives everyday to achieve a state of  balance and perfect health. We are however challenged every moment of every day to juggle, learn, process, and integrate millions and millions of bits of information from many different sources to support our spiritual faith, our emotional feelings, our mind’s intellectual belief systems and finally our physical bodies. Millions of these bits of information contradict each other. It seems we are destined to face imbalance and suffering through our attachments and responsibilities. In recent decades we, in our western culture, have begun to seek solutions and therapies that can assist us in better achieving that balance. I offer you my 20 years of experience with Reiki, Natural Energy Healing and a deeply grounded connection to nature. I have witnessed countless healing miracles in the years that I’ve been practicing and can assure you that You have the natural ability to heal whatever ails you. Please direct any questions you have to Andrea:

human-body-heart_GREENNLM Natural Healer’s Method

You are a Natural Healer! In this 1 day program you will learn to kick start your natural ability to heal yourself. Through implementing  specific skills and protocol you will awaken your internal healing energy, tap into your sacred source of power, wake up your intuition, activate your immune system and restore strength and vitality to your essential being. You will learn:

  • what true grounding with Nature is and offers us
  • personal energy scanning
  • how to practice self-alignment
  • how to turn on your light body
  • clear affirmations and visualizations for health
  • how to clear your energy field of negative debris
  • to use your heart energy as your best ally
  • and much more…

Learn to take charge of your health and put the gift of healing in your hands!

$125.00 Certificate Given

Dates coming soon!

Andrea is more authentically experienced as a healer than I’ve ever previously encountered. [Paul Clark – Bewdley]

She has a way of creating deeply personalized healing value for each participant. It seems she speaks only to you. [Diane Csenar – Hastings]

Reiki-Symbol-Stamp-3in-72dpiNLM Method of Reiki Healing

This method has been created from 20 years doing hands on conventional Reiki healing. It differs from conventional Reiki in a couple very key ways.  It is a non-Japanese way and does not teach channeling as it’s source of power.  We learn to go instead to earth as our grounded power base and guide. This way of resourcing Reiki is very grounded and practical, it is highly relevant to western minds and ways, and it is supported by contemporary knowledge of science, nature, metaphysics, energy, and spirit. Is it still Reiki then? Yes, undeniably. It’s simple practice follows the old, original ways, it affirms our connection to  nature’s life force energy and divine intelligence, it is grounded in mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness. It is first and foremost a gift to self to align body, mind and soul toward achieving our greatest healthful expression and path of service to humanity as a whole! The NLM Method of Reiki is a contemporary progressive program taught over 18 weeks (4 – 1 day classes) and covers the history of Reiki, principles of Reiki, self treatment protocols, remote and non-local healing, healing meditations, healing symbols and and all supporting metaphysical concepts. You will participate in attunement practices to assist your personal alignment to activate healing potential. This course is certified and compatible with the Canadian Reiki Association requirements for 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki. $800.00 (4 installments accepted) Dates Coming Soon! My Reiki Philosophy Benefits of 1st Degree Reiki


Andrea’s sense of being, her intuition, and her personal relationship with Reiki is intense. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and well grounded teacher and friend in Reiki” {April Routley – Hamilton]

As a new Reiki student I never expected so much growth for me at this point in my life. You have helped me grow stronger in mind, body, and soul. You have helped me look at my weaknesses, my fears, and at times I was not happy with you for making me go there. When I did go there you helped me find a very different way of thinking and that took me to the truth, my truth. In that truth for me there is freedom and peacefulness. [Susan Lackner; Blackstock]

While other Reiki Masters are doing less; Andrea does more! She teaches us that it’s not just a modality but a life style, that it’s not just a process but a customized experience, that it’s not just a 4 or 8 hour class but a growing learning life experience that takes time to understand and embody. Andrea is a true Reiki Master whose mission is to share her knowledge so that you too can understand what Reiki is and how Reiki can make a difference in your life.  She has created an interactive, customized and easy to comprehend Reiki training program that allows for the life lessons that make Reiki more than a certification. [Traci Trimble; Oshawa]


Auditing a Class

I extend an open invitation to any students of Reiki at any level from any other school of learning, or attuned by any other teacher to sit in and audit my classes.  If you have an honest interest to keep expanding your Reiki experience please join me as we continue our exploration into Reiki. You must have been previously attuned to the level which you are auditing. Previous students have found this to be an immensely enriching opportunity to their own Reiki practice. Join us! Fee to Audit is $85.00/phase + Manual cost of $15.00/phase ~ a 2 phase commitment will be required.

Studying Reiki with you was a deeply personal spiritual adventure in itself.  The discipline of exploring my own self healing with an experienced trusted Master who is also an experienced/enlightened/spiritual advisor provided to me not only the lessons and guidance of studying 1st degree Reiki but also propelled me forward into my own spiritual enlightenment. I would recommend you to all new and not so new students for the experience of a lifetime! [Sheri Throop-Whyte – Oshawa]

For years healers told me what Reiki couldn’t do…Andrea showed me what it could do! Andrea lives her life through the daily practice of Reiki – she is the most grounded centered person I know – I want what she has…[Mary Giuffre – Bewdley]

New!! Coming Soon in 2016!

New Leaf Reiki Online Mentoring Program!

This 1 year online self-directed mentoring program is designed to give added support to any Reiki Initiates of any school of Reiki to further enhance their experience working with Reiki on self and others. This program will combine chat rooms, weekly discovery exercises and video tutorials. Discover your Reiki practice in a new light at your own pace in your own way! Stay Posted!


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