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About Andrea

I came to my work in the early 1990’s when I began to notice how very deeply unhappy and unwell people were in their daily lives. I came to understand that people often held many beliefs and systems in their lives that weren’t sustainable or life regenerating. The results were lives filled with endless struggle, tiring schedules that had no self regenerative value, and an extreme loss of faith and peace. Illness, exhaustion and unhappiness were the unavoidable outcome. Even today I am still saddened by the pain and struggle people endure on a day to day basis.

I began by assessing my own life and finding my own unsustainable practices, my dead end thinking, and the life patterns that spelled out imminent failure for the quality and health I envisioned for my life. I resolved to make changes and search out answers that would indeed take me closer to a life that reflected my values, hopes and dreams. I feel as though I’ve had many lives in this lifetime. My lifestyle, my fortune, my associations have changed so fully, so completely many times and yet somehow it’s still all me, and all still potently relevant. I am richer and happier for it. There have been constants in my life though; my family, my quest for meaning and truth, my thirst for knowledge and my deep love for our planet and all things growing in consciousness.

Life changes; minute by minute. The greatest difficulty people have is navigating these changes gracefully and willingly. We, as a species hate change. Human beings attach to every moment but it is only the now moment that counts. It is only from the now moment that we can actively participate in our lives. By learning to be fully present in the moment and practicing mindfulness we naturally expand our consciousness and heighten our awareness. We then experience more bravery and willingness to engage with life with less stress over what isn’t and more joy over what is. We discover our resilience and our creative nature. From there we can design our lives any way we wish!

HSSA_Rainbow_logo_SmallI am driven by a core belief that there exists a divine sacred aspect to our lives and that we as individuals are suffering a unified grief of being out of touch with that piece of our consciousness and our connectedness. I personally strive to experience a scared quality to my life and to help awaken that sacred spirit in others to the best of my ability.

All of my mentoring programs are created to help you find you and your unique offering to the world and humanity. We each have a unique and personalized vision that is necessary for the benefit of us all.

I would be honoured to be of service on your life’s journey”

Blessings ~ Andrea

The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering the attitude of his mind. -William James



Advanced studies in:
Reiki / Metaphysics / Sacred Geometry /Tarot and various systems of divination / Meditation / Labyrinths /Aromatherapy / Herbalism / Crystals & Stones / Shamanism: Journeying, Ritual, and Symbolism / Shamanic Psychotherapy / Magnified Healing / Emotional Release and Sounding/Sustainable Organic Gardening  & Landscaping / Permaculture

Ongoing Studies in:
Human Anatomy & Body Systems / Quantum Mechanics / Polarity Therapy / Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy /  Psychic Development / Religious and Spiritual Traditions / Prayer / EMF Balancing Technique

Other interests:

Deep Nature Connection / Sacred Architecture / Cooking and feeding people! / Sustainable Leadership / Small Business / Reading Anything / Family! / People / Art & dance / and so much more!!


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  1. Such a great way to say that, “many lives in this lifetime.” I know what you mean. Things seem to have come so full circle many times. And that first circle seems like a lifetime ago!

    You’re so right about attaching to every moment. Sometimes that makes it hard to let go.

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