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My own personal healing journey began more than 20 years ago and gradually evolved into an education based center to help others on their own healing journeys. While I still offer private hands on healing sessions primarily to various caregivers and healers my main focus is to inspire and empower others to take the reins of their own healing process. All my healing programs are firmly grounded in deep nature practices and strongly informed by the patterns and manifestations of nature that we easily identify with in our life experience. We all have a natural ability to heal ourselves when we learn how to tap into and activate sacred life force energy.

Thank you for searching me out and I invite you to have a good look around! Take your time…

LEAF LOGO_BGwhite_2015In these pages you will find information on:

  • NLM Reiki & Natural Energy Healing

  • Sacred Journeys to engage body, mind and spirit

  • Our Sacred Earth Studies

  • Mentoring Programs and study opportunities

My intention is always to bring new awareness to empower you and help you activate your own personal intuition and healing abilities while remaining fully grounded. All of my teachings and programs reflect, encourage and stimulate a deep nature connection.

If there is anything that interests you and you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me personally at the email below.

~ Andrea Thiel Connell; Spiritual Guide and Faithful Co-Journeyer!

Specializing in Personal and Group Journeys – Yours Awaits!

“Crossing Bridges” –  Blog by Andrea Connell…read also…


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