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My love and my personal strength is in helping people reach the potential of their heart’s dream whether it’s as a career path, in their personal development or in their home and garden environment. I have practiced and studied sustainable and regenerative systems and philosophies for over 20 years and am able to help draw your truth out from its buried depths within you to become an active possibility for a new path in your life.

I believe that you already have the answers to your dreams and potential within you and that with the proper foundations you are only a few steps from living the life you dream.

“People don’t need to be saved or rescued.

People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it!” – unknown

I can provide mentoring services to you for the following:


Many of you have already received your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Initiations into Reiki. I have enjoyed an unusually rich relationship with Reiki and am always eager to explore Reiki with others. I have delved into traditional Usui Reiki for 20 years and have searched deeply for meaning, ritual and techniques to bring ever greater understanding to my daily practice. If you feel there is something lacking in your Reiki practice or that you are missing something that is preventing a deep connection with the Energy of Reiki but don’t know what I would be happy to help you discover your truth in this elegant modality. While I am not interested in wanting everyone to do it “my way” ~ I would love every practitioner to experience Reiki with the same passion I found for it doing it in their unique way! Reiki presents us with a powerful interface with energy healing ~ let me help you enhance your practice.

You teach us out of a love for the Art of Reiki, maintain authentic Usui teachings, facilitate a solid bonding, extend wisdom, patience and insight, motivate us to examine our own individual “stuff”… Most importantly though, you exhibit a commitment to each of us, as individual as we are, in fostering that which is unique in all of us for the higher good. What more can I say?  I am enjoying this trip more than you know. [L.H.; Peterborough]



I am deeply passionate about our earth and her sustainability. I believe that when we enter a conscious relationship with nature we create a potential for exceptional growth and resilience for a mutually beneficial outcome. I have been practicing permaculture techniques and methods for over 20 years and have much associated small farming experience with raising herbs, heirloom vegetables, perennials and annuals, organic gardening practices, chickens, mulching techniques, small greenhouse and cold frame growing, harvesting, drying, preserving, and canning produce. I have also extensive experience in working with the energy of nature’s expressions to help you build and foster a spiritual relationship with your gardens, lands and forests.


Andrea offers her students a practical, no-nonsense approach to get down to what’s real and useful in our every day practice of living! [L. H. – Hamilton]


Metaphysics is the study of beginning principles. Through the practice and application of metaphysical principles we come to understand the mystery as it unfolds around us and the part that we play in that unfolding. By understanding the Laws of the universe we live in we become better able to navigate our way with peace and harmony. In our new age of instant gratification and constant exposure to what we hear is the law of attraction and abundance it can be very difficult to understand why we aren’t getting everything we desire. Mentoring in metaphysics will help you understand the events of your life, heighten your awareness, and help you focus on what’s ‘really’ going on. This has been a life time of study for me and is not based in any one religion. There are many truths and much esoteric wisdom that has been passed down through the ages that is highly applicable to our day and age. You will decide what resonates with you and direct the information through your interests and needs. The study of metaphysics encompasses a holistic body of knowledge that serves all of life as it presents in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of our life’s experience.

Her warm, open and loving nature generates an excellent atmosphere conducive to learning great concepts about ourselves and the world. [S.M. – Belleville]

WalkingPersonal Development:

As an energy wellness practitioner for 20 years I have helped hundreds of people expand their consciousness toward the end result of improving the quality of their lives. On a daily basis we must manoeuver and negotiate our way through an endless maze of challenges that threaten our survival and safety. When we feel stressed, depressed, over protective, jealous, envious, angry, fearful, or worried we lose our capacity to perceive things accurately and misjudge the true situation of our circumstance. Through this mentoring process you will access your true compass, achieve your goals and root out the core issues of what consistently block your path. You will discover your own true nature, strengths and coping mechanisms.

When I met you there was a shift inside me, a realization that there was something more for me…you ask me to be honest and expect that from me, you share yourself in the same way.  I am attracted to your gentle energy that I know can move mountains without making a sound. [A.N. – Peterborough]

balanceBusiness Development:

I come from a family of small business entrepreneurs and have had my own business since I was 21 years old. If you are interested in creating your business with a sense of ethics that is better suited to a sustainable/regenerative world I can help mentor you toward practices that serve transparency and a triple bottom line of social equity, environmental restoration and financial sustainability. A holistic business has its unique challenges and is mandated by personal issues and needs of the clients. I can help you help others while not losing yourself in the energy draining dramas that occur frequently in heart-centered business.

Andrea is a marvelous mentor – very professional, knowledgeable, well-prepared, warm and welcoming; and I came away feeling inspired and hopeful. [S. L. – Peterborough]


Engaging in a Mentoring Relationship:

I offer many opportunities for group work, workshops and seminars to augment the mentoring process which I encourage people to take advantage of as often as possible the the mentoring itself is usually a one on one experience and may be in person or over the phone or skype. Please contact me through email to set up a conversation:

Rates: $80.00/session

payable through etransfer or paypal


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