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2018 Events


Natural Healer’s Program

1 Day Program: November 18th, 2017 ….. $125.00 with completion certificate

Healing comes down to a matter of choices, belief systems, habits and patterns. In this program you will learn practices and techniques that with practice will change the way you embrace the possibility of better health on a daily basis. You will come away from this program with strategies that will enhance the way you cope with daily situations improving the quality of your overall health steadily and surely.

Pre-Registration and 30% non-refundable deposit required by November 11th($37.50)

heart light

Re-Calling Your Sacred Heart

1 Day Program: December 16th, 2017… $125.00

As we finish off the year 2017 we have an opportunity to close off our dead-end thinking, come to grasp our unsustainable practices, release our patterns that spell out imminent failure and invite stress, illness and dis-ease into our daily lives before we embark on another new year. In this course we will search out and discover the mind blocks that keep you away from living and experiencing a sacred heart. All life on Earth is needing humanity to re-call it’s sacred heart at this time in history. There is no time left to waste.

Pre-Registration and 30% non-refundable deposit required by December 9th.($37.50)


Sacred Garden Design Program

5 Weekly Tuesday night classes… January 9th – February 6th/2018 6:30pm-8:30pm $125.00 ($35.00 per class)

Each week we’ll explore and learn about a different aspect of connecting deeply to Nature through creating a sacred garden experience and expression. Very unique class.

Week 1: Labyrinths; historical relevance, mathematics, design components and examples. Plus a walk.

Week 2: Elemental Earth Design: hone your relationships with the natural elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air in your garden design. Determine your natural “element” to create a personal meditative retreat space

Week 3: Sanctuary Garden: learn to create a safe haven for wild life, pollinators and all living species. You’ll be surprised by what needs to be present, how to build ‘safe energy’ and create a truly peaceful Sanctuary for all species

Week 4: Sacred Geometry in the Garden; learn how to use sacred geometry and platonic solids to create structure and energetic value to your home garden.

Week 5: Dowsing, Clearing and Creating Sacred Space. Our natural environment needs our help to restore, cleanup and encourage natural energy to become a vital life force. Learn hands on practical tips that you use to become a mindful earth steward.

Pre-Registration and 30% non-refundable deposit required by January 2nd.($37.50)

Permaculture Dreams

PG23 weekly Tuesday night classes: … February 13th, 20th & 27th, 2018… $75.00 ($35.00each)

What would it take to really embrace permaculture practices in your garden? How do I make the switch? What stays and What goes? What do I bring in and where do I put it? How can I begin and what would it cost? What do I do first? Let’s bring your dreams to reality this gardening season. Bring your own garden plans – let’s put it together.

Pre-Registration and 30% non-refundable deposit required by February 6th ($22.50).


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