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In the Universal Flow of Unconditional Love

All concepts of how we express ourselves are shifting as we approach the dawning of a new era, especially how we engage with the dynamics of love and fear. Up until now we understood that to hold a feeling of love for our fellow beings is a high vibrating ideal and one to actively pursue, while fear is commonly accepted as a low-frequency vibration. Consciousness is now rapidly shifting toward the understanding of Oneness. We are collectively being asked to release ourselves from angry, painful, worry-filled systems of thought, and step into the understanding of unconditional love. This is not as simple as we like to think. We have all been inundated with thought patterns, belief systems and scare tactics that expound the devastating realism of a world destined for doom. Fear is a challenging and overbearing presence to conquer. But conquer it we must.

Understanding Unconditional Love in a Dualistic Real World View

Love and fear are the opposite expressions of heart energy. Unconditional love and unconditional fear represent the extreme polar ends of one paradigm. Unconditional love doesn’t accept weakness and fear as real, it sees past it, through it and beyond it. All fear disintegrates when exposed to the light of pure love. They simply cannot co-exist in the same space. In love there is nothing to fear. Likewise, when locked in paralyzing fear you are not loving. Fear dominates and creates such extreme darkness that the light of love isn’t even visible.

Fact is most people have had very little real world experience with unconditional love. We’re still locked in a learning curve. Most people still hold expectations around their ‘unconditional’ love and it’s no wonder. We live in a real world of conditions and expectations. We live in a dimensional plane of time lines, schedules and due dates. The real physical world functions around the exchange of value; money or barter for service/commodity. We hold and share love in this same way.

Unconditional Love–>    <–Unconditional Fear

We’ve been learning how to be in love. The energies of the past 2000 years of the Picean Age under the directive of the Christ consciousness have allowed us to engage with life interactively as our energies flowed freely between love and fear. We learned how to maintain the flavour of each within the experience of either. We touched on our fears while simultaneously feeling love. If we were smart we tried to learn to appreciate our own weaknesses and strengths through the continuous interplay of these energies. In understanding that as we held fear for others we were merely projecting our own inadequacies, we opened the opportunity for deep personal healing. Our fear belongs to us alone and we have no right to lay it over someone else’s experience. Most people experienced a relatively small cycle of love/fear flowing through a balanced point of energy. The challenge has been precisely to achieve and maintain a balanced state of being between these two dynamics. But now as we approach 2012 and a fuller expression of the Aquarian Age, the stakes of the game have been raised.

We are currently in the process of shifting consciousness to the emergent dynamic of Oneness. Those of us who can hear this message of universal oneness and are willing to embrace its’ poignancy are being asked to step up our integrity to be impeccable in the way we perpetuate this vibration of unconditional love. It is a time of faith and action. It’s time to walk the talk. And time to surrender fully to the light! In Oneness we are being asked to shift our attention to the radiant, omniscient consciousness of unconditional love.

A Paradigm Shift: A World in Oneness

I can see your virtual warm and fuzzy smiles at the mere thought of oozing your unconditional love to all and sundry. So consider this…

The opposite of Love is Fear.

If we are truly in unconditional love then we are in a fear less state of being.

Got it?

More love -> Less fear.


Unconditional love = Fearlessness

So now…ask yourself again…how often are you truly in a state of unconditional love…how easily do you slip into fear, for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers? It is easier for most people to ‘feel’ an unconditional love for people that they are not personally invested in. This is not ‘unconditional love’ however, it is ‘not giving a damn’ – they are not the same thing. The closer people get to their own gene pool and hence their own heart the more difficult it is to remain unconditional. To truly maintain ‘unconditional love’ means to be able to maintain the vibe under every extreme condition, under the worst circumstances. Remember, love is a high frequency emanation – fear a low one. Love will always conquer fear if love is unconditional. When love is shaded with doubt, fear and worry it is not pure, it is tainted by darkness and doesn’t have the power to conquer anything. Only complete pure unconditional love will conquer all.

Why Bother You Ask?

The emergent consciousness is grounded in Oneness. Through this new experience of Oneness we will surely learn what it is to share universal life force energy unreservedly. We will come to understand that we cannot harm another sentient being without causing harm to ourselves. And if we learn our lessons well we will come to experience unparalleled growth, health, harmony and unconditional love. Jose Arguelles in his video “2012 – Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge” [see below] encourages us to create a positive dynamic energy that must be equal to and beyond the negative force caused by the atomic bomb if we want to evolve past our current state of being. Our planet is currently, officially in an unsustainable state. On this current path of negativity, war, political dominance, uncontrolled consumerism and blatant greed we are destined to fail as a species and as a planet. Will love save us? As a physical species and presence in our Solar System – perhaps. As spiritual entities connected to an evolving God consciousness – unequivocably YES!

The last several decades have shown innumerable tribes of healers emerging all over our planet. More and more we are recognizing our individual powers and desire to heal ourselves, each other and our planet. Indeed we are proving to the world and our universe that we are Healers. Consider that our little blue and green gem ‘Earth’ is a healing oasis floating in the universe – a cosmic training ground for healers of all descriptions. Consider that potentially Earth is actually destined to be a lush safe place to grow, to learn and to evolve as spiritual beings and that unconditional love is our way! Imagine what it would be like if we were able to successfully create an omniscient energy of complete unconditional love, compassion and acceptance on a worldwide scale. Perhaps it is our Destiny to offer our services of healing to the cosmos.

Let’s focus all our love-filled intent to become the planet for universal healing. Human beings are delicate, fragile, vulnerable physical beings. But when you add our vastly creative minds and our abundant compassionate hearts to the mix you begin to realize the fantastic potential we hold to biologically, electrically, and magnetically shift reality into an unprecedented glorious manifestation of vibrant health.

If we’re going to be Healers – let’s do it with all the Unconditional Love we can muster!


Let Love Raise You Up!

In my new age world of spiritual healing it is very common to hear people talking about unconditional love and peace. It’s all part of the lingo. And even though I know that in their heart of hearts they truly mean to feel and hold unconditional love, saying so doesn’t make it so. So often I see and hear people today slipping into quiet, soft-spoken, treacle coated places assuming the countenance of smiling Buddhas. It’s as if people assume that to be seen as spiritual you have to appear to be made of sugar. Unfortunately, all too often, I see the sugar melt in the pouring out of tears that belong to fear, worry, anger, injustice and pain.

Fact is, that while most people can appreciate the ideal of unconditional love, they will easily fall for very human dynamics when it comes to living day-to-day life. Our common, very human, lesson in life is to learn how to let love raise you up! Up out of the low vibrations of fear, worry and anger. Our common, very human lesson is to learn to surrender to the flow and not to get caught in the overwhelming darkness of fear. In a dualistic expression it is our journey to discover ourselves and our potential through faith in what we can’t see. The question is: can we remember to let the pure vibration of unconditional love boost our lagging, depressed energy fields In our darkest hour?

Pray for Love

When we fear we pray. This is the way of humans. It’s our safety net. It’s a good thing.We are allowed to petition the God-consciousness to help us. Too often, however, people pray to have their problems resolved from a place of fear. Instead, try praying to raise your energy up out of fear. Pray instead to be filled with love. Pray to be re-aligned with your divine purpose and power. Pray to have your heart healed and your eyes set back on the course of faith and one love. Forgive yourself for being weak, fragile and afraid. And be willing to be restored in your greatness.

Dear God Consciousness of One, I am filled today with fear and worry. I pray for your support and love to flood my being. Hold me up now when I cannot hold myself. I am humble and grateful for your support. I am open and willing to receive the flow of love through my being. I am willing to release myself from my fears and worries. Allow me to experience your abundant flow of peace and love, clarity and wisdom, kindness and generosity. Remind me of my strength and purpose that I may serve my fellow beings to the best of my ability. Let me be a clear and precise mirror of the love that exists through and around all consciousness. Dear God renew me in my love and potential. I am one with all that is. So Be It.

We quickly say that love is all there is. We easily believe that God is love. We believe that God’s love is unconditional. If we want to believe that God’s love  – the driving force of our universe is All, then let’s try to understand the true relevant power of that. There exists a powerful benevolent force in our universe that is a truth unto itself. It seems to have no condition, no preference, no bias. It appears randomly and abundantly when needed. It seems to flow through our hearts. It creates healing, health and well-being and ultimately peace and Oneness. We call it unconditional love. Let Love raise you up!

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Love Is All by Pam Gerrand

For the Love of Cats…I’m starting to purr! Help!

I have cats. Waayyy too many cats! Striped ones, solid coloured ones, bi-colours, and in more shades of gray than you can imagine. There are predictions being made around my loved ones that I will become that crazy cat lady with the wind chimes that does tarot cards in the old house on the edge of town. Hmmm…it’s hard to argue with that since that pretty much sums up my life already. I’m just not crazy…yet! I think…

But in the meantime what can you do? It is what it is! So yes, in the meantime I have too many cats. But seriously they’re lovely! Each one unique in personality and markings, each one with a lovely, generous nature.

My Favorite Teacher Was A Cat!

Cats, especially kittens in a litter, are endlessly amusing. Cats are remarkable teachers for us mere humans – ask any cat. They have no doubt in the superiority of their species. When we learn from the habits and behaviors of various animal and bird species we can refer to this practice as animal medicine. The commonly accepted teachings from cats are about independence and self-love. But, I can tell you from my experience of living in the midst of a colony of cats the teachings go way beyond self-love.

Cats are heartful, self less creatures and endlessly demonstrative in their love. They are far less independent than people like to think they are. People like the idea of having 1 cat but cats like the company of their own kind. As much as they like their independence, they love being within the snuggling distance of other cats. They are excessively affectionate animals with a strong social order within their colony. They have many rituals that center around looking after one another. They groom each other, they hug each other, they cry for each other, they wrestle ferociously and play tag together. The older ones teach the younger ones how to behave, how to hunt, how to stalk, how to have respect for the elders in the group. There are strict rules and penalties for stepping out of line, anything from boxing to swatting to nipping. But cats are guileless, they never hold a grudge. When they warn or punish each other it is done without creating fear. They set a clear boundary that the others respect without question but in the next second they are back to purring and loving each other unconditionally, so long as the lesson has been learned. Cats are tenacious and demanding in their needs. They are alert and on watch every second, highly sensitive to the energy around them and always tuned in to their environment and all that is happening within it. Their natural curiosity often leads them to the brink of disaster, but in the end they just grow and learn and carry on to live another one of their 9 lives. Yes I believe there is a lot we can learn from living with and observing cats.

Reiki Cats; Whose Treating Who?

All my cats have been ‘Reiki’ed since the day they were born. I actually think cats do Reiki naturally. There have been times when I am very aware of my cat being more attuned, more in harmony with universal energy than I am in a particular moment. They are always willing to give a treatment. They are instinctively hardwired to know where to place their paws (as well as the rest of their bodies) to facilitate healing. I often have cat assistants when I’m doing Reiki sessions. They are natural meditaters too, they can sit in posture for unlimited amounts of time, fully conscious, fully present, yet un-distractable from their meditative state. They create a space of calmness and peaceful acceptance for whatever is, and everyone who has the pleasure of having a cat for company is bound to be entrained into the same peaceful, unconditional energy very quickly. I think I’m actually starting to purr and find myself wanting to frolic in the garden! Oh no!

Sharing the Love

But all this said folks – we have a serious problem on our hands with an exploding cat population. The local humane societies are completely and totally overwhelmed and over run with cats and kittens. They need your support for their spay and neuter programs, for food, for litter. If you have it in your heart to adopt a cat please don’t hesitate, they are the worthiest of friends, faithful confidants, endlessly committed to your happiness and well-being. If you can please try to help these societies out. Any donations are welcome. The populations of stray and feral cats is escalating at an alarming rate. It may not seem to be your problem, but it is in fact a societal issue.

I love my cats, and they have all been loved well, but this doesn’t mean that I can’t give several of them up to good homes where they will continue to be loved as much as they want to be. And believe me the sooner the better! We honestly have too many!! (The picture at left only shows a few of them).

I am blessed in the love of my cats and I am purrfectly willing to share that blissful state with you! As soon as possible – that’s just the kind of reiki master, wind chime and cat lover I am!