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In the Universal Flow of Unconditional Love

All concepts of how we express ourselves are shifting as we approach the dawning of a new era, especially how we engage with the dynamics of love and fear. Up until now we understood that to hold a feeling of love for our fellow beings is a high vibrating ideal and one to actively pursue, while fear is commonly accepted as a low-frequency vibration. Consciousness is now rapidly shifting toward the understanding of Oneness. We are collectively being asked to release ourselves from angry, painful, worry-filled systems of thought, and step into the understanding of unconditional love. This is not as simple as we like to think. We have all been inundated with thought patterns, belief systems and scare tactics that expound the devastating realism of a world destined for doom. Fear is a challenging and overbearing presence to conquer. But conquer it we must.

Understanding Unconditional Love in a Dualistic Real World View

Love and fear are the opposite expressions of heart energy. Unconditional love and unconditional fear represent the extreme polar ends of one paradigm. Unconditional love doesn’t accept weakness and fear as real, it sees past it, through it and beyond it. All fear disintegrates when exposed to the light of pure love. They simply cannot co-exist in the same space. In love there is nothing to fear. Likewise, when locked in paralyzing fear you are not loving. Fear dominates and creates such extreme darkness that the light of love isn’t even visible.

Fact is most people have had very little real world experience with unconditional love. We’re still locked in a learning curve. Most people still hold expectations around their ‘unconditional’ love and it’s no wonder. We live in a real world of conditions and expectations. We live in a dimensional plane of time lines, schedules and due dates. The real physical world functions around the exchange of value; money or barter for service/commodity. We hold and share love in this same way.

Unconditional Love–>    <–Unconditional Fear

We’ve been learning how to be in love. The energies of the past 2000 years of the Picean Age under the directive of the Christ consciousness have allowed us to engage with life interactively as our energies flowed freely between love and fear. We learned how to maintain the flavour of each within the experience of either. We touched on our fears while simultaneously feeling love. If we were smart we tried to learn to appreciate our own weaknesses and strengths through the continuous interplay of these energies. In understanding that as we held fear for others we were merely projecting our own inadequacies, we opened the opportunity for deep personal healing. Our fear belongs to us alone and we have no right to lay it over someone else’s experience. Most people experienced a relatively small cycle of love/fear flowing through a balanced point of energy. The challenge has been precisely to achieve and maintain a balanced state of being between these two dynamics. But now as we approach 2012 and a fuller expression of the Aquarian Age, the stakes of the game have been raised.

We are currently in the process of shifting consciousness to the emergent dynamic of Oneness. Those of us who can hear this message of universal oneness and are willing to embrace its’ poignancy are being asked to step up our integrity to be impeccable in the way we perpetuate this vibration of unconditional love. It is a time of faith and action. It’s time to walk the talk. And time to surrender fully to the light! In Oneness we are being asked to shift our attention to the radiant, omniscient consciousness of unconditional love.

A Paradigm Shift: A World in Oneness

I can see your virtual warm and fuzzy smiles at the mere thought of oozing your unconditional love to all and sundry. So consider this…

The opposite of Love is Fear.

If we are truly in unconditional love then we are in a fear less state of being.

Got it?

More love -> Less fear.


Unconditional love = Fearlessness

So now…ask yourself again…how often are you truly in a state of unconditional love…how easily do you slip into fear, for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers? It is easier for most people to ‘feel’ an unconditional love for people that they are not personally invested in. This is not ‘unconditional love’ however, it is ‘not giving a damn’ – they are not the same thing. The closer people get to their own gene pool and hence their own heart the more difficult it is to remain unconditional. To truly maintain ‘unconditional love’ means to be able to maintain the vibe under every extreme condition, under the worst circumstances. Remember, love is a high frequency emanation – fear a low one. Love will always conquer fear if love is unconditional. When love is shaded with doubt, fear and worry it is not pure, it is tainted by darkness and doesn’t have the power to conquer anything. Only complete pure unconditional love will conquer all.

Why Bother You Ask?

The emergent consciousness is grounded in Oneness. Through this new experience of Oneness we will surely learn what it is to share universal life force energy unreservedly. We will come to understand that we cannot harm another sentient being without causing harm to ourselves. And if we learn our lessons well we will come to experience unparalleled growth, health, harmony and unconditional love. Jose Arguelles in his video “2012 – Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge” [see below] encourages us to create a positive dynamic energy that must be equal to and beyond the negative force caused by the atomic bomb if we want to evolve past our current state of being. Our planet is currently, officially in an unsustainable state. On this current path of negativity, war, political dominance, uncontrolled consumerism and blatant greed we are destined to fail as a species and as a planet. Will love save us? As a physical species and presence in our Solar System – perhaps. As spiritual entities connected to an evolving God consciousness – unequivocably YES!

The last several decades have shown innumerable tribes of healers emerging all over our planet. More and more we are recognizing our individual powers and desire to heal ourselves, each other and our planet. Indeed we are proving to the world and our universe that we are Healers. Consider that our little blue and green gem ‘Earth’ is a healing oasis floating in the universe – a cosmic training ground for healers of all descriptions. Consider that potentially Earth is actually destined to be a lush safe place to grow, to learn and to evolve as spiritual beings and that unconditional love is our way! Imagine what it would be like if we were able to successfully create an omniscient energy of complete unconditional love, compassion and acceptance on a worldwide scale. Perhaps it is our Destiny to offer our services of healing to the cosmos.

Let’s focus all our love-filled intent to become the planet for universal healing. Human beings are delicate, fragile, vulnerable physical beings. But when you add our vastly creative minds and our abundant compassionate hearts to the mix you begin to realize the fantastic potential we hold to biologically, electrically, and magnetically shift reality into an unprecedented glorious manifestation of vibrant health.

If we’re going to be Healers – let’s do it with all the Unconditional Love we can muster!


Shadows of Sadness – Foundations for Joy!

As we pledge ourselves promises of resolution for the year ahead we are too often focusing purely on our own perceived shortcomings and failings; things we want to correct. Even without dwelling on it we can gently witness the sadness that sits back in the shadows of ourselves. Our true sadness is built on our intimate losses, our perceptions of pain and suffering, and feelings of not being enough. As we move toward the end of the month we are already aware of our patterns and whether or not we are going to be able to set ourselves free this year.

We live in a world of opposites, a dualistic expression of possibility. Yin – yang, negative – positive, light – dark, hard – soft, on and on; there are as many polar pairs as you can imagine. Everything is related on one scale. Everything also belongs to the one whole. And in this way everything is one. Everything is an aspect of its opposite and everything is relative to the whole. This is life on earth, these are the rules of our play ground. Unfortunately we are prone to judgment and for what ever reason – sadness is bad, joy is good.

Choosing the Middle Road – A Road of Grace

As we move into the energies of the Aquarian Age it is time to choose the middle road. It’s time to choose grace. On the middle road, we acknowledge our emotions and feel our feelings but don’t allow them to dominate the whole of our being. We don’t swing madly from one extreme to the other indulging in toxic patterns. The middle road offers sanity and well-being. It means we lighten up, cut ourselves some slack, and issue a bit of compassion toward ourselves and others. It means we allow our highest truth to govern us and not the biased truth of a moment’s perception.

Sadness can be found in a laugh, in a smile, or in the split second clinging of a boisterous hug. I have nothing against sadness – it doesn’t scare me to look into the face of it. It’s real. Sadness often reveals a genuine hurt a soul has endured. I feel great empathy for the sadness in people. It’s a quiet soulful awareness of tender caring and of having felt life fully and deeply. It is an honourable emotion.

I’m not talking about the noisy poor me, woe is me, can’t catch a break kind of sadness that is worn on the sleeve and ambushes anyone within earshot from time to time. The sadness I’m talking about is quiet, obscure and discreet. It is humble and tender. It sits as a ghost in the shadows, almost undefinable, and while it depends on its obscurity to stay hidden it flits in and out of daily life all the same. 

Hiding in the Light

Sadness can hide in any face in a million ways, just beneath a twinkle in the eye, deep in the structure of a laugh line, in the set of a jaw or a certain thoughtful furrow in the brow. It adds depth and dimension to the personality. It adds character. In other words, it is constructive.

Sadness is on the same sliding scale as joy. Ironically, very often, the people with the deepest sadness are the ones we recognize and depend on to be happy, proactive people. Because of the huge spectrum of authenticity of emotion these people hold within they often become the ones we trust intuitively. We know they’ve been where we’ve been. We know that they too have experienced the depth of the emotional ocean blocking the light of the sun. But they are walking proof that you can and indeed will rise to the surface again into the light to breathe a fresh breath of life. In the light of awareness sadness can be used to transform the most terrible of human suffering into freedom, strength and joy!

Out of the Shadows

Acknowledged sadness adds a type of high-octane fuel to living a good life.

Sadness has the ability to temper the soul with benevolence and compassion. With the intimate personal knowledge of sadness we are better equipped to be present to our fellow-man. Having already come through the sadness we know more of what we are capable of and the challenges we can survive. This torch that we carry lights the way for others. It is your responsibility to be a constant reminder to others, not of the sadness that may linger as a barbed thread still connected to a painful memory but of ultimate faith in the tenacity of Spirit flowing.

Before you add your broken resolutions to your list of sadness, spend a little time getting to know the sad part of you. Acknowledge the broken-hearted part of you that fears and wavers in the light of exposure. Your sadness has made you stronger than you realize. Dare to see the same sadness reflected in the face of others and smile to it. We are able to be joyful beyond measure when we embrace this. Your sadness offers you a great reservoir of strength and resource with which you can serve yourself  and others faithfully. Walk with grace. Sadness is great, joy is great!

Banding Together – A Naturally Balanced Harmony

I’ve been involved in a project as a collaborator for the past several weeks. What that means really is that while I have tried to do my part as well and as actively as I could I am just a cog in the wheel. The wheel is the brain child of others. They launched their project on the internet for all the world to see this morning after months and months of developing, organizing, preparing, visualizing, recruiting, and formatting. It has been a formidable task I’m sure, but their vision was clear and they were determined. It was my privilege to assist them in realizing their goal. Their project is called ‘Feng SHe’ and its purpose is to provide solutions for heart and mind to generate and promote balance between the masculine and feminine energies that create our world and our thought. Through the combined efforts of like-minded individuals – yours truly included – we have provided a bevy of articles, information, and new thought that address the concerns of imbalance that perpetuate in our society. Please check out their new site

The thing is folks that the time of me, me, me is over. As we start living in the Aquarian vibrations of our current era our greatest efforts will be rewarded when we combine them with the efforts of others. This is an age of oneness, working together. Competition will gradually become a thing of the past as we learn to develop a consciousness of co-operation and oneness. As we learn to band together we will learn to understand fully that what affects me affects you, what benefits me benefits you and as I conquer you I simultaneously sabotage myself.

One principle, One mind, One direction. We will not become clones of each other, never fear. Within each one beats a different drum, to a different creative tune. We each have our voice and we will all be heard. The beauty lies in the natural harmony that is created when we all band together and each do what we do best.

So I urge you to get together with like-minded people and create something harmonious, for business or pleasure the outcome will be spectacular – a naturally balanced harmony.

Let’s Build an Enlightened Dream!

I’ve been getting a lot of emails to join prayer groups for the healing of the oceans, the forests, the earth; and just when it seems to me that people are starting to actually wake up, I get other emails that say ‘the gods are angry’, ‘the earth is angry’, ‘these catastrophes are happening in areas where people have been evil for too long and god is teaching a lesson’. They reek of judgment, fear, and projection. If we want to help our earth and ourselves people it’s time wake up and get real! These mind-boggling catastrophes are caused by human error, negligent practices, unbridled greed and lack of foresight. The earth changes are part of the earth’s journey through the stars. There is no mystery. The earth is not angry (though I wouldn’t blame her) and the gods? Well… no comment!

Let’s try to look at things a little differently. We’ve been asleep, not because we haven’t been serious about the escalating level of crisis in our world, but in the ways we have been dealing with all these issues. We blame, we hate, we rage, we sign petitions, we engage in war. We’re expressing powerful emotions of anger that aren’t doing anything except perpetuating more powerful expressions of anger, fear and rage and sadly killing millions of species of life on our planet every minute in the process. The global fear and outrage is part of the nightmare we currently find ourselves in. Remember like begets like.

So wake up!! The nightmare can still end, it must or we will all be trapped in it. It’s imperative that we learn to focus all our collective energy towards the dream we have for ourselves and our children.

The clock is ticking and we are quickly approaching the end of a massive time cycle. This is a natural course of events, nothing unusual at all. We have already gone through 4 of these 5,125 year cycles, we are currently ending the 5th and heading into the 6th. It is part of what is known as the “precession of the equinoxes”. It is the journey Earth traveling through the heavens as marked by the placement of the constellations of the zodiac. We are leaving the Piscean Age and beginning the Aquarian Age. Each age is marked by a key development which had significant influence over that time. The Piscean age was marked by the event of Christianity and has 2 fishes facing opposite directions as it’s symbol. It’s been an age of dualism, opposites, ownership and conquering. The Aquarian age however, is an age of oneness, unity and holism. And this clearly presents the task ahead of us now.

We can no longer assign blame and point fingers for the problems at hand. What happens to one, happens to all. We are one mind, one consciousness and we have one future. We need now to get together and practice patience, tolerance, respect, love and acceptance. The possibility to heal our world lies within our ability to heal ourselves and ultimately, how well we will be able to release ourselves from fear and the limiting, debilitating effects it has over our free thinking minds and henceforth our ability to solve problems.

As our Earth travels its elliptical path around the sun and now reaches its furthest point away from the center of its orbit, the magnetic pull on the earth is at its weakest creating a wobble in its axis. The earth has been steadily shifting on its axis and it is being predicted that a complete polar magnetic flip may happen. All these planetary changes seem to mirror the madness happening to the people on earth. Wobbly intentions, lack of direction and commitment, lack of meaningful relationships.

People…it is time to dig our feet into the soil and get grounded, make a strong commitment to Earth and life on earth, and start developing a focused relationship based in  love and compassion for one another, all life, and the earth. We are one. Don’t Pray for the earth as though you are worried for her survival,  your own life and the life of your children, pray instead by communicating and holding glorious visions of beauty, health, wisdom, balance, peace, light and faith in her and our potential. In love there is the possibility for new understanding and true problem solving. When fear and blame are abolished solutions can arise that were previously hidden. Only then can we hope for a new light filled beginning. The solutions for a new world rest in your hands, in the visions you hold in your mind, and the love that is born of your heart.