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Grounded in Nature…Naturally!

5 year old meWhen I was 5 years old my parents moved us from Toronto to Markdale, ON, a rural community some 2 hours north of the city. They had discovered a relic of an abandoned and ‘haunted’ house on an overgrown 10 acres of land out in the country that filled their hearts and minds with starry-eyed dreams for the future. Fortunately nobody else could see the place like they did and they were able to pick the place up for a steal and they proceeded to work their guts out every weekend until it reached a suitable standard of living to move their young family into. I remember being happy and free out on the farm in the middle of nature. In kindergarten back in the city, our teacher asked the class who went to church on Sundays. When everyone except me had raised their hands the teacher asked me for some insight. I responded innocently enough as only a 5 year old can, “We don’t have to go to church, we go to the farm.” The child in me recognized even then, (though the adult forgot), that Nature’s kingdom would be my spiritual haven all my life.

Over time, as I grew up, the farm also grew to 100 acres of forests, meadows and gardens. I remember being happy and free on the land, in the woods, in the fields, in the swamps, in the barns, working, camping out and exploring but it wasn’t for many, many years that I realized how deeply soul nurturingly important it was for me to be there nor did I understand the importance of the lessons and teachings I unconsciously learned while there. As an adult I understand that it is so often just plain human nature to take things for granted and take advantage of situations – children are not exempt from that. Although I knew I loved being there at the time I was mindless to what I actually learned and received in my enthusiastic emergence into nature.

Learning How to Live in Harmony

As a child living and working on a farm is different from being an adult. As a child I did chores as I was told but as an adult you make decisions, plot out a plan, take control. By the time I had returned to farming as an adult I had a lot of other things in my life that laid claim to my daily attention and available energy. I had to learn to rock and roll, deal with squeaky wheels first and do the best I could the rest of the time. I found it much easier to prioritize my days if I let Nature lead the dance. Living with the seasons taught me about being in the moment of life. Nature doesn’t wait, plan or hesitate. Nature expresses and produces in every moment. To rise to the task of planting, harvesting and the myriad of tasks in between I had to learn to be with Nature as fully as possible in every moment as well. As my willingness to participate with the natural flow of life around me developed I learned to also appreciate various other natural phenomena.

I became intensely aware of our journey around the Sun from season to season, of the Moon’s push and pull month by month, of the insects and their cycles in my garden and of the influence of various animals that made regular unusual appearances. Nature began speaking to me more clearly. Relevant messages were transmitted to me every day through all of her manifestations. It took patience, practice and surrender to hear properly. I learned to listen to the plants; flowers, weeds and trees, to the wind, and to earth with my feet buried in her soil. Birds and animals became messengers and harbingers of change. When Snapping Turtle began to appear at my door step followed by Snake and Turkey Vulture I learned to pay attention; change was afoot. All I knew for sure was that I was to keep my eyes and ears open for a messenger, one that would help me discover a foundation stone in my life in a new direction. I also knew that I would have to be ready to release any old attachments at any give moment and leave behind what needed to be for my and my family’s highest good. I continued on with my work, my herbs, my gardens until one day my messenger appeared. The question he asked was simple “Had I ever heard of Reiki?” The answer was even simpler…”No – and I wasn’t interested!”

Fortunately, my messenger was persistent. He became a good friend. He guided me through meandering pathways to explore my universe and world in ways I had never considered. Eventually he posed the question again…this time I was ready to crack the door a bit.  Through him I met my Reiki Master and through his teachings and support I began to open to new possibilities yet again. And once again nature came to me presenting herself in new ways. I began to experience the energy of nature, initially as energy patterns flowing and then as form presenting as deva, as fairy, as spiritual beings. Just as I had learned to develop relationship with the physical aspects of nature I was now learning to hone a relationship with the spiritual side of nature. My garden flourished beyond belief and reason. And I flourished in my garden. I grew, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki became an integral part of my family’s life. I began to witness the life force energy in my clients and friends. I also began to see how an individual’s life force energy invigorated when in direct communion with nature via trees, plants, crystals, animals or exposure to the elements of air, water, fire and earth.

A new synergy began to motivate my life. I began practicing Reiki full time. We moved. More gardens were built along the way. My natural connection with spirit grew and expand into my consciousness. I began to understand how Spirit flows through all things and that all things hold varying degrees of consciousness. Furthermore, all “things” with consciousness flow together in one divine perfectly ordered field of energy. I craved sitting in the outdoors immersed in the energy of trees, water, wind and sunlight. My awareness grew in the knowing that the sensations I had when in Reiki sessions were stimulated the same way when I sat immersed in nature. I took another look into what Reiki was really all about.

Reiki; Nature’s Healing Art

disney tree of lifeReiki is a hundred year old tradition that was brewed through the mindful meditations of one Mikao Usui, a practicing Zen buddhist , as he continuously immersed himself in nature and his own childhood cultural upbringing informed by Shinto – a form of Japanese shamanism. His spiritual belief that the Divine could be realized and experienced in all natural manifestation is central to the hands on healing art of Reiki. The symbols, precepts and mantras all reflect the presence of light and bountiful natural energy as our inherent privilege if we were to surrender to it. So it began to dawn on me that there were some important relationships to note here. The practice of Reiki has a unique ability to connect us to our natural life force energy. It presents our imbalances, then re-balances, then inspires us to discover a peaceful way to be in the world. It causes wellness as an expression of harmony. I spent the next 20 years practicing Reiki with clients. In those years deep questions arose over everything, I always ended up back in the garden, under the trees, syncing my personal energy field with the plants, the earth, the elements and the spirit of nature. My busy mind would calm, the stress in my body would dissipate and I would be able to come back to work realigned, strengthened and regenerated.

Nature Spirit Calling and Illuminating A New Path

Many years ago I was asked to speak at a new age type gathering, my topic was to be “The connection between herbs and spirituality” It stumped me totally at the time. My mind didn’t even remotely understand the link and have pondered the topic ever since. Today I get it. It’s simple. Nature is the connection. We are all made of the same stuff; carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen and we mutually depend on one another. It is often said that nature would do just fine without us interfering, that she will revive after we have destroyed as much of her as possible before our own demise and I believe that is true to an extent. But I also think that nature with us co-operating with her in harmony will create outstanding things that we haven’t even begun to imagine yet. I believe that our educations systems, our health care systems, our communities, our architecture and our technology will developed in such extraordinary ways as we learn to mimic the ways of nature. Nature seems to thrive in the reflection of humanity and visa versa. My garden grows well if left alone but when I help Nature grow my garden with understanding, love and creative vision my garden responds with overwhelming abundance. When I step into my garden projecting gratitude and happiness the vibe returns to me ten fold. When I nurture my garden as I would my children, with love in my heart, gentleness in my hands and ears eager to hear the story of its life unfolding I am rewarded with the energy of an intimate being that loves and understands me back and literally can’t wait to share.

We may sit as a foreign entity upon the earth believing that we are superior and have dominion,  separate of her being and indifferent to her power or her needs. Or we may surrender to her energy that flows to us and through us via all of her expressions and harmonize willingly. As we learn to re-connect to our beautiful Mother earth and ground deeply with our natural wisdom we will also learn to experience ourselves as emergent growth bearing fantastic fruit. Our ideas and dreams are not mindless impulses but deeply transmitted bio-diverse energies needing to find rich soil to grow in. The mind and heart of earth’s combined humanity has the ability to foster new seeds of thought to unprecedented realities. The Earth is inspiring us now with new possibilities, by furthering our connection with her, grounding in a mindful way our dreams can take root and co-creatively we can bring a new world to life for our future generations to build upon.

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The Most Sacred Spot on Earth Lies Within

You’ve come to earth, to this universe to learn teachings that are only available here. Specifically, you have come to learn how to manage the power plays that are created in a dynamic of opposite energies. You sit here on our little emerald planet as either male or female and hold a particular perspective that ultimately enables you to behave one way over another. You are here to learn about freedom of choice, personal authenticity and the power of love, all while living in a sea of consciousness that is created by others doing the exactly the same thing. It is boggling to live even the simplest life.

In Quantum theory we are coming to understand that while on a subatomic level we all merge as one flowing expression of consciousness, in our dense physical world we are separate individuated beings. Often this comes right down to one against the other. Conflict, difficulty, power struggle are part of the daily program that makes us deal with others while we try to express our own truth. Inevitably we lose a degree of self-awareness and personal power.

We’re all going somewhere…though unfortunately most of us don’t know where. We grow up doing all that is expected of us and may even reach a moderate level of success. However, unless we have somehow become magically heart-fully and mindfully engaged in those building years, regardless of the success we experience, life can feel empty and void of meaning. We strike out searching for ways to touch something or to be touched by something meaningful.

The Journey Inward

For most people it begins with a lonely broken heart. A quest for true love usually ignites a need to get moving. The heart is a transmitter receiver with a built-in radar system always looking to receive a signal back from a resonant source. The mind inherently looks for problems to solve, to be useful and to improve the condition of humanity. The physical body yearns for health and comfort. The search can be lonely because it truly is an individual journey but if we open to our true world we see that we are not alone and that there are others wandering and searching for the same things we are. At least then we see that we can have companionship on our journey; like-minded adventures also striking out on a new path. Bravely we get to travel a road of discovery with others and share our experiences and teachings. It becomes easier. And so we learn we can embark on a metaphysical trek to find our whole complete selves with heart-minded consciousness in good company. We will discover our truest power, our deepest understanding of ourselves.

The first great spiritual truth is that all the answers, all the power and all the peace you desire lie within.  Our highest potential is to learn to communicate truly with your highest self, listen with real intuitive wisdom and find peaceful resilience and power deep within your own soul! The journey inward is littered with obstacles and “good reasons” to let sleeping dogs lie and they are stubbornly obstinate. Eventually you will learn to recognize the persistent obstacles that stand in your way and the tools you already have to get them out of your way. In time you will capture and lead the true, strong and beautiful life you came here to live!

‘Making a Difference’ or ‘Just Being Different’

I tell myself things; things that I believe make a difference to not only how I live but also why I live. Determining what I believe has been a motivation and a quest all rolled into one. I have built and lost small fortunes, I have re-created myself a number of times professionally and personally, I have climbed spiritual mountains and it seems I have walked a million miles in pilgrimage to discover myself and try to understand the meaning of life but also the meaning of me in life. I have discovered that a driving force in my life is to make a difference. And I have told myself many stories to make it so.
I tell myself for instance, that I have a responsibility to be the best I can be. I came to this life, I thought, because I wanted to make a difference; a difference to myself, to others and indeed to the evolution of humanity. At least this seems to be a commonly accepted idea that that’s how it goes in the beginning – sometime before we have a brain and a physical body. I’m not convinced the soul thinks or plans or chooses as an individuated being but here I am none-the-less, sitting on planet Earth, at this point in history, with understanding of myself here and now, as well as in other past life experiences connected to this one, always thinking.

Driven Madly (or mad) by Purpose

There is an inherent quality within us that desperately wants this life we live to matter. We define it as “purpose”. We search for purpose and try to create it in our daily lives. All I know for sure is that this need to make a difference has driven me, as I know it has driven others. We seem compelled as individuals to believe that our lives matter, that the lives of our dearly departed also mattered to the grand scheme of things. As a collective we seem intent on aiding the conscious evolution of mankind. But I’m beginning to understand life differently; instead of me out there making a difference, I’m starting to think that maybe me in here is all the difference that is needed. My purpose isn’t something I have to do…it’s something I have to accept simply as already having happened just by the essential quality of me being. I AM and that is enough purpose.
Over the years I have stumble on some profound realizations. For instance, purpose often seems to stay elusive. Fact is purpose is so intimately connected to our ego that it can be very hard to release our need to have a purpose. The search itself is illusory; there doesn’t seem to be an answer beyond the quest. The true purpose seems to just ‘be’.  In the ‘being’ we are still committed to evolving all the same. Evolving in our being-ness. Humanity evolves when we individually come to fully accept our truest essential being. Purpose arises out of our authenticity. Purpose does not create authenticity.

A Living Imperative

We are created out of a spiritual imperative to experience life. We are a fulcrum of energy that arises out of the breath of God itself, it instills in us in an embryological imperative in the very moment of conception and emerges throughout every possible expression we witness around us. Creation is a force of god consciousness, a sacred manifestation of attraction that is omniscient. A magnetic manifestation of organized energy that is naturally attractive to all symbiotic fields of energy.
And within this natural expression of being that I am, I am compelled to create. It is essential to my purest being to create, procreate and re-create. By nature I am a uniquely created being. Even my DNA is unique, an original manifestation of natural expression. And I believe it is this creative force of nature that determines that it is my soul purpose to continue creating my life as consciously and as uniquely as possible. My human questing mind working in concert with my beating heart transmits my creative possibility into our joint future, as does yours, and so life evolves.

A Reason for Everything…Let it Go!

I talk a lot about letting go and people nod, nod, nod and then shake their heads in hopeless confusion. Let go how? of what? when? and why? It seems an impossible concept to grasp. “How can I let go? Doesn’t everything happen for a reason? What if I let go of the wrong thing?” It’s a conundrum. In a societal, cultural structure that has told us to achieve, acquire, collect and attain it is a challenging concept to wrap our noodles around. We’ve been taught to grab on to that brass ring and never let go. And we’ve learned well…we hold on to our hearts, our feelings, our thoughts and belief systems, our ways, and our stuff.

Unfortunately, holding on to things is contradictory to the process of life. Everything in our world is impermanent. Every thing will rot, it will decay, it will die or it will simply change. To make sense of our lives as they are we try to create meaning around our things, our belief systems, our habits and the happenings of our lives. By creating reasons we give ourselves permission to hold on to things. On one hand we want to be free of the linear systems and on the other we try madly to recreate them forward. In one breath we try to be creative and open and in the next breath we are already trying to stuff everything into line where it makes sense. We are always trying to understand things from a meaningful point of view, from a reasonable perspective. Reason, after all, is what makes sense of this world and of us. Reasons assign the value of every thing and every happening. When tragic things happen we imploringly want to know why.  Unfortunately in determining reasons we can often lose the magic of the moment.

My Mind Says That There Is A Reason for Everything

There have been many times in my life when I have congratulated myself on being even-tempered, non-emotional, logical and reasonable. I am often able to see both sides of a situation, and be very sympathetic to the other persons’ position. I have prided myself on having big shoulders and bearing the burden in a situation because it seems easier for me to carry the load than passing the responsibility on to the appropriate shoulders. My very clever mind has always been extraordinarily good at ‘understanding reasons’ and creating reasonable projections into the future. My very clever mind, however, has not always been very good at just being with what was without reasons. I am learning. I am finding it’s enough to just be. I am discovering that often when we jump on the reason train we escape a situation before we’ve had time to really feel it out.

We use reasons to blame, to find fault, to create acceptance, to excuse behaviour and to create purpose. Can you accept your life and all the pieces in it without having a reason for them? Does that sound unreasonable to you? Can you accept a blessing without asking why or what for? Can you be present to another’s unbearable pain without trying to find a silver lining reason or purpose for it? These reason-making exercises are just occupations of a clever mind. Let go the need to explain, the need to project, the need to plan, the need to understand, or the need to know. Believe me life goes on without having reasons.

Fact is there may never be known reasons for everything no matter what my mind likes to think. We live in a cause and effect reality. Everything that happens stems from something. In this dualistic reality we can expect this to be the way it’s going to keep playing out. So we can effectively look behind us and see how things led to this moment but we have to be very careful how we extrapolate the present moment in to the future. Equations that cause effects that look like reasons don’t necessarily belong projected into the future. Sometimes it is simply more prudent to take the mind off the job and let the heart guide the way. Let go your reasons and have a little faith!

Heart Will Lead Us Down Uncharted Paths

When we search for and create reasons for events or situations we limit outcomes. We dictate a flow of energy that makes sense to our own minds for our own purposes. By determining a possibility we limit its’ whole expression.  The value of any moment is to be with it in the moment as fully and as emotionally as possible. The heart will authentically guide us toward our next moment. We may be able to come up with reasons to create the next step but this is unnecessary. When we breathe in and out we don’t think of when the next breath will come, we don’t think how to take the next breath, we usually simply allow it to arise when it needs to. When the body needs to breathe it will.  The naturally ever balancing aspect of our bodies and of our universe is to accept the moment fully as it is, feel the most personal relevancy in the moment and allow the next moment to swell up automatically without dictation or direction. Have faith that it will. The Heart that is connected to all the rhythm and synchronicity of the universe will in fact guide us perfectly.

There have been many times in my life when I have mollified myself by saying that everything happens for a reason. In hindsight I realize that most of these ‘reasons’ were simply excuses to avoid looking at the real issue, or to avoid doing what actually needed doing or even to avoid just sitting still. Sometimes we inadvertently build convoluted rational mazes just to keep ourselves from making the appropriate intuitive choice.

I have a couple of friends right now that are suffering in their need to take the next step yet are unable to figure out how, where or why. They are looking for reasons, for explanations and for purpose. So focused are they on there being a reason for their discomfort that they are unable to see that they are creating the bulk of their discomfort simply by not moving with the natural ‘swelling’ of the next moment. Their pain is caused by trying to validate their past experience as a reason for something else, they cling desperately to the past hoping for a different outcome.

Move On ! Let It Go!

So when I say let go I mean let go of your logic, let go of your reason making, let go of your need to understand why, let go of your mind needing to figure it out. When people experience emptiness in their lives, they struggle to fill it with something that made them feel good in the past. The approval from others, the love from others, recognition in success, or some other kind of validation. Leave all these things in the past, leave them in their time, let go and move forward. Allow the magical unknown nature of our Universe to blow a new possibility into your reality. Realize that you are pulling a sled of used up experiences with you that make no sense in the future. Let the new moment be fresh, filled with new life force. Let it swell up inside you with the next breath. It will.

Reiki; A System of Mastery

Just for Today,

do not worry,

do not anger,

respect your parents, teachers and elders,

earn your living honestly,

show gratitude for all living things.

– Mikao Usui; founder of Reiki

Mastery; a foreign concept in our western way of thinking. It’s a word that is hardly relevant to our understanding of how the western world functions today. In our new world we assess achievement with diplomas, certificates and degrees and aggressively climbing the ladder to success. In the old world, however achievement was determined by mastery and degrees of mastery of skill sets. The education process, whether through apprenticeship or formal education was evaluated by a system that considered and challenged an individuals’ determination and willingness to accomplish a high personal moral and ethical standard in relationship to their work and social position.

Today we are less accountable to our professional and personal acquaintances for our belief systems but that’s not really the problem. The real problem is that we are significantly less accountable to ourselves to conduct ourselves with integrity and truth. More and more we put forth a minimum of effort, content to slip unnoticed through the cracks, and do the least of what is required in friendships and work. Sadly our own ambition, self-satisfaction and eventually happiness wanes in the fog of mediocrity.

Reiki; A System of Mastery

Reiki is a system of Mastery. The knowledge of Reiki is delivered to the student through levels of information that must be practiced, integrated and experienced before moving on to the next level of knowledge. Each level must be embodied before one can move on to the next. In fact it is only through that embodiment that Reiki can be understood. Only through embodiment can the knowledge and practice of Reiki be mastered. Only through mastery can the teacher effectively attune another to the knowledge of Reiki.

There are real things to learn and practice in Reiki. Time is needed before one can even get the feeling of energy consistently in their hands. But more than this, there is an esoteric quality to the knowledge of Reiki. This knowledge of Reiki is fiercely intimate. When a student has embodied the teachings of Reiki it is realized by others. Reiki affects the student on a cellular level. Students and clients will sense a resonance and even a vibration in their core when introduced to Reiki during an attunement or a healing session. Reiki will stimulate a long-lasting passion that is felt beyond anything words can adequately explain.

Awakening to Our Essential Self
Reiki also seems to commonly create a feeling of familiarity; a deep sense of ‘knowing’ is awakened. And this, in a nutshell, is wherein the healing power of Reiki resides; in its ability to awaken the innate knowing of divine health and perfect order within us. As you can imagine, it may take some time to become fully awakened to that perfect potential. After all, after having been asleep for a great deal of our lives we tend to be a bit groggy when our eyes first open to this new possibility. Just like waking from a dream, it can be difficult initially to know just what exactly is real and what is not. Fortunately we don’t have to think about it too much. We just have to learn to get out of the way.

The level of mastery of a Reiki practitioner depends on his/her ability and willingness to develop the skills required to work effectively with the tools of his trade in all aspects of his life. In Reiki these tools include the 5 precepts, and the symbols. The Reiki practitioner must learn to communicate effectively with energy, emotion, thought patterns and physical manifestation. A skilled Reiki practitioner has learned patience, stillness, and compassion. A Reiki practitioner achieving mastery learns to let go fear and expectation and has faith in the divine perfection of our universe – always. This is work for a lifetime. The game of life teaches us until the day we die lessons of fear, faith, love, respect, authenticity, and gratitude (the precepts of Reiki). It is unrealistic to believe that these lessons must be mastered to be a master of Reiki, there is needed only the loving willingness to be awaken to the divine life force within you within the teachings of Reiki the modality.

Is Reiki the only way?

No. Reiki just provides us an exceptional framework in which to work and measure ourselves. There aren’t many systems that are equally as effective in dealing with the whole body mind complex as Reiki is. There are fewer still that are available for training the self to accept health and well-being. But mastery in all aspects of life will improve the quality of life in general.

Reiki – as in Universal Life Force Energy –  teaches us that health is not something to seek nor to achieve so much as it is a way to be. The pain, disease and failure that we experience in our lives is largely a result of our expectations, our point of focus. Where attention goes energy flows. When our point of focus shifts towards space, de-congestion, stillness and non-attachment, we will find ourselves freed from pain, with peace and happiness close behind. Mastery is the key. Mastery of self, not of Reiki is what is needed.

Mastery is the Freedom of Mind
Mastery became distorted in our collective minds through the event of slavery, the idea that someone other than our self had the power and right to be Master over our own destiny. When we surrendered to the belief that we were to submit to a power greater than ourselves we lost. It’s a long climb back to the top when you’ve fallen to the bottom of the abyss. Mastery is to claim back the power of self from something that controls you.

If you are reading this you are probably not one of the millions of people on our planet who are still truly enslaved to another’s power and dominance. You are lucky. You have choice. You have the right to choose the quality of your life. So do you? Do you choose freedom of thought and excellence in the pursuit of your heart’s desire? Or do you stay enslaved by fear, by money, by jealousy, by loneliness, by boredom, etc? The things that can enslave you are endless, but as hard as this is to hear; it’s your choice. Choose to be free. Choose Mastery. Make a commitment to yourself to live passionately, honestly and authentically from your core. Release your enslavement and replace them with your power. Dedicate yourself to your highest possibility.

We are amazing manifestations of vibrating energy radiating light. When we are enslaved to a negative belief system, or a substance, or to another we diminish our natural ability to shine brightly. Take back your light, learn to be masterful in anything you choose.

Andrea is preparing to teach a !st Degree Reiki Class in Campbellford, ON and in Hamilton, ON in February. She is holding a Free Introduction to Reiki Gathering in Campbellford, ON on January 30, 2011 to answer questions, give sessions and provide information. This gathering is suitable for anyone interested is self-healing and discovery, learning Reiki for friends and family, or just trying it out. There is absolutely no obligation in attending. For more information see Upcoming Events at the top of this page.

Can You Get There From Here?

In a writing course I learned the need for a good strong headline. What do you offer? What do you promise? Do you know? Do you fulfill those promises to your readership? Yes this is vital to good copy writing but it occurred to me that this is a statement that is vitally relevant to the whole of our lives with regards to being authentic.

We make promises every day . We might not use those exact words in our daily negotiations but they are implied none-the-less. Are you good to your word? Do you do what you say? The bigger questions is; are you living authentically? Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Or do you spend your energy hedging, vaguely implying, reneging, and back paddling?

Are you who you say you are? Are you who you want to be? Can you get there from here? If we’re not on the right road we can’t get where we’re going. Which means if you aren’t living intentionally in your best interests you will not end up with a life that looks after your best interests. If you are living ambiguously, being acquiescent to the best interests of others especially when in conflict to your own, you reduce your own chances of ever getting where you want to go in life.

Some people, in order to avoid disappointing others, simply resist voicing any kind of commitment at all. Never voicing an opinion, never speaking against the popular grain, never allowing one contrary thought to escape their lips they struggle to stay agreeable at all costs, even if their own inner voice is screaming loudly in protest. It’s sad really, we’re not supposed to agree all the time. We are each uniquely creative beings, with our own input, own interpretation, and own way to manifest. It’s our inborn responsibility to be ourselves and to stand up for ourselves; not to bully, but not to flounder weakly either. Just to be, honest to goodness, ourselves.

In Reiki we have a precept that says, just for today earn your living honestly. This precept speaks to this idea of personal authenticity. Are you who you say you are and in your relationships with others, personal or business, do you fulfill your end of the bargain with your highest integrity. Come to understand what your various roles in relationships are and what the promises you make, spoken or unspoken, are. Are you being true to yourself or have you forsaken yourself for others?

I’ve learned a lot this past year – I had a good teachers; my 20-year-old daughter, my 19-year-old son, and my newly 19-year-old daughter. Each of my kids have taught me a great deal about life and living life with authenticity. They think I’ve been parenting them and I have tried my best to be a good parent and strong role model but the secret is I’ve taken my cues from them. They’ve taught me patience, tolerance, acceptance, but most of all they have taught me the value of self-expression and independent ‘being-ness’.

My eldest stands up for herself with impeccability always and is never bullied into blind acceptance in any situation.  Along the way she demands that others be accountable for themselves. This has left her alone at times – but never lonely. She knows who she is and likes it. Her path lays out before her clearly with right timing and right placement.

My middle one deliberately forges a path for himself on a daily basis, without judging the ways of others he leads by example, earning respect and admiration from his coworkers and friends in new ways every day. He is never alone – but never lost in the crowd either. He lives a life of moments that are richly filled with opportunity.

My youngest sings loudly, always! She sings joyously whether she is intimidated, overcome by butterflies or terrified. She knows her happiness and purpose depends on being able to be what she is best. She allows herself to naturally gravitate to her best situation in all times. She goes where she is loved and can love freely without fear of losing herself.

They each, with great determination, stand up with integrity for who they are. They know who they want to be when they grow up and are living that reality today with each moment. Are you?

So just for the record…this blog, “New Days ~ New Ways” is precisely about that. I believe that we are entering an era of history of vast personal expansion for the good of the One. The promise with this blog is to provide new ways of thinking, coping, growing, expanding and being that leave us empowered to participate fully in these new days we find ourselves living in. And YES we can get there from here!!

Freeing the Soul into your Life

I am a high-achiever and I am ambitious. It’s my nature. When I was younger I was strongly motivated by praise and approval from others, today I strive for excellence regardless of the praise or approval I receive from others. Over time I began to see that my path differed uniquely from the path of others and began to understand that my happiness depended on me owning my own authority. I began to learn to listen to my own soul to guide me towards my right path.

In the beginning listening to my soul was tricky because I didn’t know how to do it – we weren’t in a good relationship. I had never considered that my soul would have a different story than my ego self did. My mind, my emotions and my soul coexisted within this physical body of mine but no-body was communicating with the other bodies. Until I discovered the presence of each body with in my whole expression the channels of communication went something like this: my mind working in cahoots with my ego self would make executive decisions on behalf of the whole, the emotions would react accordingly and the physical body would act out with strength or with pain as it could to support the whole body consensus. As you can imagine, and probably identify with, there was considerable unrest in the house at all times. Pain in my body made me stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’. In the physical stillness that followed my thoughts initially became manic, unconscious thought began to rise through the fog to be heard, conscious thoughts vied for attention, the ego stubbornly struggled to stay engaged and in control,  emotions stirred and made themselves felt, some for the first time. Underneath it all the quiet voice of the soul could be heard whispering direction and advice. Mental, emotional, spiritual turmoil ensued. Life seemed out of control and very challenging without the normal strategy of ‘doing’ something to shut everything up. Intrigued (and frightened) by the madness  flowing through my life I vowed to keep listening and determined not to fall back into my old coping mechanisms. I knew I couldn’t go back but I also didn’t know how to move forward. If you don’t know what to do  – do nothing…so I became very, very still and I learned to observe, listen and learn.

Emotions need only to be acknowledged honestly for them to be satisfied, but the mind needs to be heard. Excuses, contradictions, logical arguments, insane belief systems, all guide and camouflage the truth of spirit trying to express itself. Patiently, like trying to coax a shy kitten out of a hiding place you have to convince the soul that you mean no harm, that you will listen, that you are finally willing to act in its best interest. Slowly the relationship with my soul started to mend. I came to know myself in new ways; my triggers, my fears, my true pleasures, my motivations and my capacity to live a soulful, heart centered life. My intuitions grew stronger and more dependable, my knee jerk instinct to react lessened, I could breathe and wait, I didn’t take everything personally, my ego began to disengage from every exchange allowing my spirit the room to emerge. I began to feel peace. I began to feel creative as never before.

I have often wondered how my life would be if I could have brought this knowledge of life into my life in architecture and construction. Or into my life as the organic herb farmer. But it is what it is. All in good time. All exactly as it played out was important for the revealing of my soul in my life. I like the idea that we are Spiritual beings living a physical experience – but we also need to strive to empower our spiritual self otherwise we will find ourselves living soul-less materialistic physical lives burdened with the struggle and pain of trying to maintain an impermanent reality.

So how can you recognize when your soul is freely engaging in the process of your life? You feel purposeful, engaged, patient and satisfied. You realize you risk nothing by being fully present. You feel anywhere from a vague to a strong sense of connectedness, a remembering of a promise. You feel really big, unlimited, and optimistic. Limitations are part of a language you no longer speak. You are not overwhelmed by the physicality of your life. You feel nourished, nurtured and loved.

And with this awareness coursing through your life you feel the impulse to nourish, nurture and love others.