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Cleaning the Windows to Your Soul

January is all about the growing light. It makes us feel like doing more, taking charge, and making changes. Creating a fresh new start in life is like cleaning up your house. It’s time to clear out, dust off, and sort through the junk we’ve accumulated over the past year or so. Being unable to manifest new starts in life is largely governed by how much stuff we hold on to and allow to take up essential living space. The longer this stuff that we believe in sits undisturbed the more dead space we create in our lives. Clutter takes up valuable living space and energy. It’s time to revive the vitality in your home, body and soul. We start by cleaning the windows so the light can get in. Our intention is to create a greater bond, a soulful connection to the light, inside to outside.

Our truest expression is only possible when we are able to access our creativity. When we fall into habits of mundane routine we aren’t giving our truest nature permission to be, and when we aren’t expressing it we are depressing it. Any depression is rooted in a perceived inability to express our truest light and nature for all the world to see. Creativity sits at the most elemental aspect of ourselves as physical human beings. It is our innate nature to want to procreate, recreate, and be creative. Every cell in our body is designed to recreate itself with purpose and clarity.

As time goes by however, we add layers and layers of dust and grime that only taint the beauty of the thing within and prevents its’ light from shining outward. Just as we have to clean the windows of our house, we should regularly try to clean the windows of our soul. I’m referring to the windows of our chakra system which allow us to engage with the energy of the world. Both sides of the windows have to be cleaned, leaving either side dirty leaves them hard to see through. Inside grime relates to our attachments to the things we believe in and covet, outside grime to the belief systems of others that we don’t necessarily adopt but entertain all the same. Each chakra pertains to specific aspects of creativity and thus your manifestation.

Cleaning The Chakra Windows

To clean the windows of the chakra system you need only to honestly awaken to the film that covers them. Your ability to connect with the life force of the universe is inherent, it is only your belief in the limitations that inhibits you from living a self actualized creative life.

Remember yourself to be a sacred divine expression of light. As light you are limitless and free to learn, share, love, heal, grow and nurture as you please. As a sacred being of light you deserve being worthy of your own love and praise, reverence and respect. See yourself as a beautiful stained glass window worthy of your awe, for you are awesome, in design and beauty. When the light of the universe can shine through you to others, without the distortion of faulty belief systems you will be able to inspire and support the glorious revelation of others through your own clarity of divine purpose. Genuine acknowledgment and acceptance of yourself as a divine expression of purpose will automatically begin the cleaning process. In the light of truth the distortions have no place.

  • Sit down in meditation,
  • Breathe gently, deeply and fully.
  • Gently bring your attention to each chakra,
  • Listen, observe and witness the voices, the messages, and the belief systems you privately hold.
  • In relationship with each chakra ask yourself what inhibits your right to create yourself fully and freely from that chakra’s perspective.
  • Don’t edit yourself.

As the stories are told and are accepted as true the light will shine brighter and brighter. Hold faith in your soul’s inherent right for expression.  Be patient and kind with yourself; your soul’s purpose will stay hidden until you are willing to protect its’ right to shine brightly.