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A Jewel for the 2011 Heart

While browsing the internet this morning I stumbled on an amazing blog by Aryz Eden Sky.

It is on her site that I found this poster. I don’t know it’s origin. But I wish I could find a full size version for my wall. The mantra on it simply sums it up! The welfare of the planet is in our hands, NOW!

It’s all we have to do folks. For ourselves, for each other, for our planet…All the good we can!

Maintain an attitude of awareness that all that you do has bearing on everything else, and that eventually all that you think, and all that you are will join with other like minds and bring about the changes we desire. What is truly in your heart will be made manifest.

The earth and all her species, our environment, human consciousness, world economies and governments, health, you, me and our children are all going through the same changes. We are currently all more dead than alive. Everything sits in a precarious, vulnerable state, waiting for something to lead us forward. But we’re it! We are what we are waiting for. Within each of us glows the only answer that is needed. It’s time for  us to serve each other with goodness, kindness,  and compassion.

You only have to go to your own heart for the inspiration that will guide you. Our most precious jewel, that warm glowing transmitter/receiver sitting in the centre of your own chest is attuned to the green jewel that is earth. As you love yourselves and one another, and endeavor to demand respect for yourselves so will the earth be respected. All outer change will start within you. As Gandhi said ” Be the change you want to see” and never before has this been as needed as now. The evolution of human consciousness demands it.

In 2011, live as though you are the keeper of the most sacred jewel ever discovered, for in truth you are. Your heart has the unparalleled power to generate vast amounts of life-giving energy. Be brave enough, kind enough and generous enough to share the energy in any and every way possible. Hold nothing back and watch the bounty flow throughout all of creation!

Opening to a Beautiful Mind

I woke up this morning, early, 4:45am. I got a ‘thought knot’ in my brain and couldn’t unravel it while I was lying there so I was forced to get up. On top of that, my dreams, all night, were disturbing to say the least. My life – in my dream – was eroding, earth falling away to gaseous fire pits, big snakes, rotting dying people, secrets, hiding. Obviously some deep messages to figure out…or not! My dreams were being affected by some bad TV watching (serial killers, snakes and mystery). My crazy collection of random thoughts were tying up in knots creating unsolvable problems. So I got up, planted my feet in the real world and made a coffee. As I sat with my coffee in the early morning gray, still mostly black, light, (did I mention it was really early?)  I found myself reflecting on how thought full my brain and life was. I know better than to try to figure my way out of a thought knot. Thinking only makes it worse. ‘Thought knots’ have to be untangled. Carefully. Slowly and deliberately.

As I consciously began to unraveled my ‘thought knot’, I became aware of the huge variety of thoughts that swirl through my brain in any given moment. Gradually, as the various ideas started to let go and flit away, I started feeling better and more centered. My brain stopped its’ swirling and my focus was restored. In the back of my brain I noticed feeling very grateful that I had the awareness to sort through my mind problems.

The mind is an amazing thing with enormous potential to trap us in useless circles or free us into beautiful dimensions of new possibilities. I prefer to spend most of my time in the latter state but occasionally find myself locked in the former. We all do. Fortunately, I have learned to have faith in my brain and in the power of my mind. It’s not always easy to shift your brain away from swirling patterns to useful ones but I have always considered it a very essential piece to my freedom and happiness to be able to access the power of my mind rather than be victimized by the habits of mindless spinning. Within all the mental madness, all the swirling under tow is clarity, focus and direction. Underneath all the muddy thinking hides a crystal clear beautiful mind capable of outstanding feats.

Learn to meditate, spend time contemplating life, play games, find things to laugh at, try new things, say yes instead of no, practice non-attachment.

I have come to trust that my mind is the interface between the outer world and my heart. What I want in my heart will be made manifest through the power I own to wrap my mind around what it takes to get it. If I never discover what I am all about mentally, my challenges are sure to overwhelm me and I’ll never be able to access my power to create the life I want.

My happiness, your happiness will be determined by the freedom we feel to exercise the choices of our mind and we can’t do that if we constantly get bogged down in ‘thought knots’. Happy untangling.