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Give Praise to the Dreamers…Become One if you Dare!

I’ve been meeting some truly amazing people lately whose acquaintance fill me with hope and renewed energy to keep moving forward on my sometimes twisty convoluted path.

I’m concerned about the plight of our planet, the condition of our species and our prospects of survival. I meet many people in a day whose primary concern is their failing health and difficult life situations. As humanitarian I acknowledge and empathize with their pain and fear. As healer my job is to hold a torch of light that allows them to see the way out of their grief. This can be challenging at times.

The torch I choose to bear is not one I’ve personally created. The light I try to hold is the light that has been created over time by the healers, visionaries, wisdom keepers, peace makers, and builders of the past. Of course these people don’t go by these titles, they’re builders, architects, scientists, leaders, poets, artists, musicians, and dreamers of all descriptions. They are people who have been so profoundly moved by the potential of our possibility that they see beyond the limitations presented by our reality. They dream us forward, one vision at a time.

I like to align myself with the highest energies available in every moment, it’s why I practice Reiki daily – it’s my spiritual practice. But on a physical level it’s the great brilliant adventurers of our past and present. It’s the people who walk their talk. The ones who do something different out of the norm. The ones who aren’t afraid to stare down the demons of complacency and conformance. The ones who dare to blow the sides out of the boxes of uniformity. The dreamers can be a pretty motley crew on first glance but I assure you this is where the action is. Many of these powerful visionaries weren’t respected and appreciated in their own time for their path took them out of their current reality into ours of the future. They were often criticized, ridiculed, even jailed, hung and assassinated for their beliefs. While the masses may desperately cling to the ways of the present by their fingertips and dig their heals into the bedrock of popular society the dreamers take flight, sailing and free-falling into the shadowy realms of possibility. This is just plain too risky for most.

These dreamers dare to plunge into the vast unknown and surrender to the ebbs and flows of unformed consciousness. They bring back to us a dream, a vision for our possibility, that can manifest if we dare but follow with our own little bit. Every new dream allows the rest of us to experience and create a new manifestation of power. We have the chance to create with the tools of our respective trades a special something, that is uniquely our own yet symbiotic to the whole. And so history is reshaped, evolved into ever greater potentials.

The effect of the individual dreams is cumulative. Each one builds on another. Each dreamer is motivated by a unique combination of stimuli and the results reflect in the circle of influence of the dreamer. While each of us has our own circle of influence the circles connect in intricate magical designs and patterns that continue to form more and more dreams. The themes of expression, although unique in design all reflect the same values; love, freedom, creativity, equality, sustainability, harmony and peace.

Today is the day to give way to a dream. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t hesitate at the doorway that leads your mind to freedom. Step out and dare to be guided by a light that shines for you. The heart yearns to engage passionately with life.

When you dream be aware that many great people have gone before you and still cast tremendous light through the darkness of the unknown. Let their visions and accomplishments guide you. I walk in good company when I travel with the dreamers of our world.  I hope to see you there – in a dream for the future.

Keeping Perspective

Driving down the road early this morning I was able to witness the most incredible sky. The sky was completely overcast, not a shred of blue sky to be seen anywhere.The sky was rich with texture, movement and a vast palette of colours – mostly shades of gray. Dark, heavy rain clouds, light white drifty clouds, and an amazing giant chunk of rainbow sitting right in the middle. As I drove along through the drizzle I tried to keep my eye on that bit of rainbow but gradually it become covered up and disappeared from my view. I then noticed how heavy and ominous the clouds had become. All around me the clouds were moving in different directions. Layers of clouds appeared to be spinning, some clockwise and some counter-clockwise. It felt surreal and left me feeling uneasy. I determined to remember the rainbow hiding somewhere out there beyond my current scope of vision. Now, only a few hours later, the clouds are almost gone and a clear blue sunny sky promises a great spring day.

This is how life goes, as much as we need to stay present in the now moment we can’t dwell on it. Everything is transient, everything shifts and moves all the time, everything changes. To invest your emotion with the weather will set you up for a disappointment every time. Nothing can change as quickly and often nothing can affect us as easily. We need to keep perspective.

Seeing this rainbow this morning reminded me of several things:

i) you never know what’s hidden behind the clouds

ii) even in tumultuous situations there is beauty, order and creative power

iii) nothing lasts forever, seize the moment and move on

iv) we as people are just a tiny bit of the vast manifestation that is our universe, so get a grip

And, after I found this picture on the internet when I got home I realized an even greater thing –

v) the opportunities are endless to witness a wondrous experience. Open your eyes! (this photo was posted last fall) I’m sure there have been many other such sightings just as I am sure that many people did not see what I saw even though they may have traveled the same stretch of road during the same time frame.

SPECIAL NOTE: I unfortunately didn’t have a camera this morning but found this photo on a WordPress blog “Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl” which is almost identical to what I saw – less the blue ridge mountain range. She has absolutely stunning photos of sky shots from her front porch! Check them out if you want to be inspired by the great beauty that surrounds us. Thank you Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl!