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Affirmations – Language for the Sacred Soul

Many, many years ago when I consciously first decided to embarked on my own healing path I had a very “strange” healing session with a woman who believed in some things very “strange” to my very left brain way of thinking at the time. But I liked her so I did what she told me to do. I also knew that all the ‘normal’ things I was doing to get on a better life path weren’t working. It was time for some ‘strange’ medicine. Her medicine included chanting, long purifying baths infused with specific essential oils and crystals, and repeating long affirmations that she gave to me. I had nothing to lose. My life needed a kick in the pants and I wasn’t going to let a little weirdness get in the way!

The thing that strikes me these days about those days is how I ever thought those things weird – they’re not anymore! I’ve seen the light! I found my way! Scented purifying baths are marvelous, as is chanting, as are affirmations! But more than just feeling good – they work!

Today in my own healing practice and energy classes these elements are essential to the work my clients do for themselves at home. In fact when we are trying to restructure a belief pattern or long-standing habits affirmations are the surest way to get there.

By-Passing Our Illusions

The main idea of using affirmations is to replace a negative belief pattern with a positive one. By changing the belief pattern we in effect re-program the way we think and feel about a particular situation. Affirmations are more than just positive thinking though. Specifically, they are a way to vibrationally attach to the truths hidden within the most  Sacred aspect of ourselves. In using affirmations we appeal to the Divine, using truth to trigger positive responses in our unconscious psyche.

When working with affirmations you are not communicating with the illusion part of yourself that believes in fear and your weakness. You are learning to establish a vital relationship with the divine you that hasn’t forgotten your truth. This may, in some case, only be a small spark, but it still exists none-the-less. Affirmations appeal to higher truths – DIVINE TRUTH not PERSONAL TRUTH !

We live in a fear based illusory world that is constructed in finite ways to solve finite problems. The ever niggling and corrosive problem to this way of solving problems is that we are not finite…we are infinite. We human beings are dynamic expressions of infinite, unparalleled power. When we begin to believe in our small determined boxes of life we quickly become stalemated. Our bodies begin dying and decaying. Our minds become smaller and more rigid. And we become dull, emotionally bitter and disappointed. It is our evolutionary purpose to grow and flourish. The body is designed to regenerate and survive. When we limit our potential expression the soul becomes anguished expressing itself through painful bodies and heart brokedness!

Firing Up New Possibilities

The energy of the creative forces of our universe are positive, dynamic and light filled. Every molecule enabled by positive energy creates more life. To step into a cycle that affirms life, creates health and presents possibility we must learn to open doors and build pathways, in fact neuro – pathways. The brain hard wires where it fires.  Only by allowing new thought and new solutions will the brain stay flexible and healthy.

Positive and affirmative words align us with the forces of creation, and as such they claim and appropriate all that is yours by Divine right. We have unfortunately been conditioned to believe that there are ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in society and that we fall into these groups more by chance than by planning. In truth we have a choice on how to approach life and further how we can attract and experience the life that we want.

Be clear on this; you – by your words, your actions, and belief systems are already creating the life that you have. Therefore if you don’t like what you have and think you would prefer something different then you must choose to express yourself differently. It’s that simple. We determine the quality of our life by the way we align ourselves with all that is possible, good and bad, positive and negative. Remember that everything is a matter of vibration, and like attracts like.We exist in a dualistic world. There is equal unbiased possibility and opportunity of living life either in a positive expression or a negative one. To transcend our dualistic world is a matter of choice of influence. Our thoughts, words and actions will determine to which end of the spectrum we will gravitate. It is easier and more natural than you might assume to become positively orientated. It is our natural state of being. The human organism is a creative machine. It’s entire physical function creates and recreates on a second by second basis. It is really quite astounding to realize that we are more likely to get in our way than go with our natural flow. Shifting towards a positive expression is like lighting a candle in the darkness. Affirmation is the match that initiates the flame of our inner candle. Once lit, the way becomes clear.

Benefits of Using Affirmations

Through repetitive affirmation man gains conscious awareness and insight to innate intelligence.

  • We awaken the mind to recognize what is already working at a sub-conscious level in the body – cells, tissues, and organs.
  • We accelerate the need to harmonize and respond to positive situations and results
  • We begin to witness how the body is the servant to the mind, malleable to thoughts and words
  • We control the mindless chatter of negative thoughts
  • We create discipline, focus and one-pointed thinking.

An affirmation is a statement that expresses life, health and wholeness. By using affirmation we stimulate a positive consciousness in the body; arousing the power of the mind in the body and calling it into action. As the positive mind becomes established in the body, healing is moved into action and immediately begins to rectify any imbalances in the physical.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

It is not necessary to believe an affirmation when you begin. In fact the really important faulty believe systems that you are challenging will fight tooth and nail to maintain their position of strength in your mind.  The purpose of using affirmations is to reprogram a faulty thought pattern gently, unobtrusively, slipping under the wire appealing to your higher, finer divine self. Like a weak muscle you will gently coax strength back into a forgotten truth and bring it back to conscious mind. Initially you must fake it ‘til you make it. You are not lying to yourself, you are just side stepping the false programming you hold.

Persistent positive affirmation will uplift consciousness out of negativity to allow for health filled patterns to take root. As the subconscious shifts towards light so will the body. When the heart mind consciousness becomes infused with light it will finally realize its sacred power.

I AM a Sacred Divine being with unlimited potential! And So Are You!


Praise Be! Conquer Those Blues With the Spirit of Gratitude!

Praise Be! I’m giving thanks today. For Everything!

I try to live with a spirit of gratitude every day, but today I’m going to try to be particularly mindful of giving thanks at every opportunity. I woke this morning with a heaviness in my heart, the early morning was gloomy and dark, and my senses felt stuffy and dull. I was just feeling off kilter in general, the kind of day where you feel like you have a cold coming on. Well to hell with that…something had to be done!

I’m a preemptive kind of person, and I’ve learned to listen to the little quiet whispers of warning, so rather than cancel all my plans for the day and stay safely ensconced in my home drinking herbal tea, I will face the day with light filled praise and a smiley face. If nothing else my sunny countenance will annoy the crap out of anything that wants to bring me down today!

I have learned that the easiest way to shift any negative situation is to give it praise and be grateful. The vibration of gratitude immediately discharges the negative charge and neutralizes the situation.

Living By Design not By Accident!

To give praise and gratitude are powerful affirmations of blessings received. Immediately the gap between wishing for something and having something is closed. Immediately we free ourselves from being distant from the qualities of life we desire. When we focus on the distance we get more distance.If it is important to you to create and live your life by design rather than by accident praise the moment. If you want to live in co-operation with the opportunity that is present in every moment you have to be open to it and you open that door by being grateful for it.  See it done – see it now.
Praise and gratitude are acknowledgments of positive life force flowing through your life. By expressing gratitude we recognize that there is an intelligent principle in the universe that exists omnipotently and of which we are innately part and parcel. As we give praise we simultaneously receive it and our own consciousness is uplifted. Once we understand that blessings are already received our psyche strives toward and resonates with that specific outcome because it knows no other way. Everything that exists is part of everything we are. We are not separate from anything. It is only our focus and our ideas of separation that determine how far away from something we are, and what other obstacles stand in the way. What ever we give the power to to limit us and prohibit our success will have it as long as it takes us to take it back.

The Nature of Praise…
i)    What you praise increases: Everything you give your attention to multiplies whether it is negative or positive. Bad becomes worse, good becomes great. If you expect to be lucky and blessed – you will be. If you expect the worst – you will have it. Be careful in what you wish for and affirm as the truth of your life. If you think one day your ship will come in then you will wait perpetually for ‘one day’. Decide that today’s the day. Praise this day as the day your ship came in!
ii)    Praise liberates and releases stagnant life force energy. By activating energy and freeing it up as available energy to your overall system of organs, muscles, and cells, the body gets to experience a surge of vitality and increased energy. A hopeful feeling washes flows through the system and so begins a process of restoration and regeneration and renewed health.
iii)    Thanks – giving neutralizes stress and un-does dis-ease. By realizing blessings received we instantly release ourselves from disease generating attitudes of worry, guilt, fear, criticism, condemnation, deprivation, hate and ingratitude. You can not be grateful and resentful at the same time. Choose your point of focus before you get sick.

In times of trouble:

Praise your difficulties.

Any experience that gives you new learning or a chance to see something differently is worth praising. The attitude of gratitude changes the dynamic charge of the experience from negative to positive. You instantly diffuse the negative charge, disabling its ability to mushroom into other areas of your life. Even if you are unable to see anything good from your current perspective there exists a possibility in every situation. Give praise, look for the lesson/teaching/value of the situation. If you can’t find it, just expect there to be a ‘blessing in disguise’ somewhere. Let go and let God! These are the lessons of blind faith. Don’t give up now! These are the toughest times. Remember that it is easy to have faith when everything is going great, but faith really doesn’t matter unless you need it.

“I praise the life I have! I AM grateful for the strength I have!

I glory in the life I have! Praise Be!

There is always something to praise. Look for it if you don’t see it! There is a solution to every problem. There is an answer to every question. Sometimes our greatest teachings lie in the vulnerability of not knowing, then when we finally surrender enough the answer is revealed and made clear, giving us another opportunity to be grateful.

Thanksgiving is always a special time of year for me. I love the autumn, the leaves, the pumpkins, the apples, the coolness of the days, all of it. Every year at Thanksgiving I make a list of all the people I know and I find a thing in them  – no matter how difficult – to be grateful for. I especially do this with my family. I don’t necessarily reveal the pieces but I have found that just holding that knowledge in my heart helps bridge any differences or conflicts we may have. And I AM intensely grateful for ALL my family, near and far, close or distant, blood or water! Have a blessed Thanksgiving celebration where ever you are!