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The Struggle






There are times in our lives
when everything is especially hard.
Usually these times pass over quickly, but sometimes…
Sometimes a struggle can last for years.

And then it is shocking to realize one day,
just out of the blue,
exactly how long one has allowed oneself to live in a hard time.
Suddenly, you realize that you really can’t,
honestly can’t,
take one more day of struggle!
Not one more day!

And then you sigh!

For in order not to do one more day,
You must do something else.
Something that will change life into something new!
But if we knew what that was or how to do it
we wouldn’t be stuck in the first place.

The new ways lie in the old ways.
Hidden, entwined in all that you already do,
Entangled in all the patterns, all the habits, and all the stories,
Beneath the myth that is your life
Lies your truth and your path.

Healing is choosing and releasing what you don’t want to struggle with anymore,for your own sanity.
Change happens in a heartbeat,

The period of time leading up to the change takes an eternity!
Even once someone knows the why to change
And the when to change, the what to change and where to change,
the how to do it is the thing.

The how can take forever
And no-one can help.
It’s a solitary journey to the soul truth.
But when you get there you’ll know,
because suddenly there’s no going back.
And then…

Change happens in a heatbeat.


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  1. Greetings – I been checking out your website every other day and am not sure if it’s possible to receive blog posts other than via a RSS feed? I’ve noticed that a good deal of blogs offer E-Mail subscriptions to the new articles. Are you offering that also? Thank you for any advice! Kassandra May in Songyuan

    • Hi Kassandra – Thank you so much for being such a loyal reader! I appreciate it very much! There should be an email subscription button on the Left sidebar that you can hit…follow the prompts and then confirm your subscription by way of approving an email that will be sent to you. Please let me know if this isn’t working!

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