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Spirit Guides Come in All Different Skins!

Some people have angels as spiritual guides, I have Snakes.

This is no huge surprise, I have a love for the earth, her plants and her animal species. I love the myths of dragons and transformation. I love the philosophies of death and rebirth, of what goes around, comes around, of the renewal and evolution of life, fertility and egg symbolism. Serpent is the keeper of all of these ancient wisdoms. That said, it still took me a long time to see snake as a spiritual guide.

Many, many moons ago I took part in my first Shamanic workshop, it was an experience I’ll never forget. It was during that first workshop I met Snake in a very personal creepy way.

We were on a quest to meet our power animals. The first couple of times we journeyed I had trouble seeing anything. I was very jammed up in my linear mind. I hated looking stupid or falling for stupid things. So until I was crystal clear, I wasn’t willing to acknowledge anything. I was afraid of knowing what there was to know. I very much wanted to control the information that I received. My ego was also always getting in my way. If I had my choice I would have wished Eagle into my vision, or an Elk or even a Hummingbird, something pleasant, regal and easily accepted. So when I went on my journey and didn’t see any of these likable animals I apparently didn’t want to see anything. So the teacher lined me up with another classmate and we went on a journey to find my power animal together. In about 30 seconds flat I was covered in writhing, squirming snakes of various sizes and colors. Yuck…but I figured I could still be wrong, it could justĀ  be a hyper active imagination. When we came back from our journey and I was asked what I saw, I said “Nothing.” My teacher was astounded.

Down we went again. This time one very large fat white snake cuddled up next to me – have you ever been cuddled by a snake? It wasn’t my idea of fun! We were quickly summoned back to the room by the drum and this time the teacher didn’t even ask me, and turned to my partner instead “well?” he inquired. Jody answered simply and matter of factly, “Snake.” The teacher turned to me with an inquisitive look on his face for some sign of my concurrence. I shuddered and confirmed Jody’s experience. That was more than 15 years ago. Today snake and I meet regularly for journeys, meditations and conversations. And no I’m not nuts!

Snake and I have an agreement. If I’m jammed up and trapped in my linear mind and can’t see something I need to be noticing, or if there is something I need to be paying special attention to, or if there is something I need to go through and I’m blind to it, He will show up in my path somehow. Now I know that when I see, feel or even just think of Snake I have to open my eyes, ears and other senses; something important is afoot. The rap on the knuckles is the same; get out of your head, ground, and pay attention.

It has been an interesting coincidence that almost all of my Reiki and metaphysics students also have a relationship with snake, not all of them friendly I might add, but they’re learning. I strongly encourage them to build a solid kind appreciative relationship with Snake. Snake teaches us to be flexible, on guard, on patience and on being quiet. He teaches us the value of shedding old skins of belief systems as we grow and learn. As we out grow our old way of being in the world to easily let go and move on.

Today Snake is once again making a very big appearance in my life. My cats keep dropping big garter snakes on my doorstep. Snake has appeared in my dreams, through the stories of my clients, through references in the books I’m reading and while working in the garden. So I’m paying attention. I notice the growth and letting go that is happening in my own life. I see how differently I cope with life around me compared to how I used to. These days I am happy to see Snake appear. I know that I am progressing through change. I am grateful for all my friends that also have snake as their totem, we’re a clan of a specific vibration.

What ever your special affinity with any animal is, make friends with it, build your relationship, embrace your ally. Recognize that this is a spiritual relationship to help you through your transitions. Not all spirit guides are beautiful angels with iridescent wings from ethereal realms, some are right inĀ  front of our noses with all the reality of earth-bound living.