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Relationship With Sacred Spirit

HSSA_Rainbow_logo_SmallSeveral years ago I asked a friend to design a logo for me for a special project. The logo was fantastic, the project bombed. It started with Sacred Self; that’s all I really knew…the double S’s appeared to me in a DNA double helix design and was light filled. Paul, my magic making logo designer, created the shape, the prismatic rainbow light and shine. I knew it had to do with our earliest beginnings, a core pattern that underpins a sacred quality of light, like stained glass church windows, on a cellular level. So now I had a logo and just as a good logo should do, it compelled me to action. The logo called me in to work with it and had always seemed to whisper a secret to me. I kept trying to listen and I got clues. Sacred Self, Sacred Soul, Sacred Seed? Yes, it was all that and more. And all would go quiet again for a time.

In time it occurred to me that the special project was in fact me, not something I had to do for others. At the time I was just beginning to understand “sacred” as a quality to being; that all of life and all expressions of creation have an intrinsic value that is sacred and that we are all shamefully disconnected from this phenomena of ‘Sacred’.  It had taken me years to surrender to the fact that my brain was not going to answer my deepest longings, loneliness, and fear. I’d really thought I could think myself happy and safe. It dawned on me that my worries, anxiety and stress had rooted in a deep, dark, mucky place within me and they wouldn’t un-root through hope. My conundrum was that I was naturally a hopeful person, with an optimistic outlook. Up until my mid thirties I thought this was a matter of perspective, a condition that developed out of years of positive thinking training and applied metaphysics. It was logical to me to focus on the positive – after all focusing on the negative just resulted in more pain. It was as simple to me as determining not to cry over spilled milk and setting your focus on the bright side. I believed fully that I had pulled it off, and so, unconsciously, my heart and brain continued to war and navigate me through my world alternately through filters of despair and optimism. I stumbled around in a paradoxical state for years. Possibility collapsing into despair which in turn collapsed into possibility. And some more time went by.

One night as I sat in on a transition town meeting people were lamenting how few people were actually using blue boxes and actively participating in recycling. In that moment I realized that people weren’t ever going to change their outer habits until they could profoundly grasp that they were sacred beings and in a symbiotic sacred relationship with earth. That the earth was an extension of themselves and visa versa. This thought got my attention. So what did that mean really? It’s not the plastic that has to be managed  – it’s the acceptance of life being sacred that had to be embodied which perhaps then could allow there to be a functional alternative to plastic period. The light brightened and some of the muck dried up.

Earth-Bound Spirit

I’m not a religious person, never have been. I long ago established myself as a deeply spiritual person decidedly determined not to pay homage to any god/goddess type figurehead of any description. My everyday spirituality has nothing to do with the heavens and everything to do with the blessed earth. My spirituality starts and ends in the dirt. It’s visceral. I resonate with trees, plants, rocks, birds, animals and the elements.  My spirituality is rooted firmly in my connection to all things of this realm of reality. In nature I witness magic and miracle, perfect order, mathematical precision, evolution, death and re-birth. Through nature I have learned about communication, consequence, relationship, compassion, listening, kindness, trust, surrender, faith and love. Although I love the use of metaphor and mythology to illustrate a great teaching I don’t need a religious hypothesis to explain my existence. I am here simply because it was my time to be here. I arrived in perfect timing and I will exit this life in perfect timing as will and do we all, contrary to what our hearts wishfully desire. I am a synergistic expression of all life and consciousness as it is continuously creating and unfolding in harmony with all other life at this time. Perhaps one day I will feel compelled to reach to the heavens for answers but for now I have enough to contemplate witnessing the world I walk in. And I am grateful, so very grateful. This is not a giving thanks kind of gratitude toward a deity for blessings received. This is a well-spring of energy that is powerful and dynamic and causes my heart to swell. Gratitude is a condition that becomes noticeable through heartfelt appreciation. It flows upward from the earth through my feet, to my heart and out into my universe.  I offer this force of energy with intention back to life as nurturing creative juice via my thoughts and my actions. My spirituality is grounded in wonder and awe of the incredible synchronized interplay of intent, free will and action of all conscious life forms and sentient beings.

earth vibeIn my evolving growing spirituality I feel as deeply affected by a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of this beautiful planet as I do a new seedling shooting up toward the sun deep in the rain forest as I do a fellow human being or animal being experiencing being slaughtered mercilessly in some unnamed nation. What is in one is in all, what affects one affects all. Just as my state of mind and heart affect them. These are sacred relationships. I know I am never without company, I am never alone or just me. My mind can easily separate me from all else, isolate me if I need to be and pretend that I’m a rogue aspect independent of all creation but through my heart I feel deeply my connection to all life.  When I allow my awareness to tap into that sacred matrix of energy mysteries unravel, secrets are revealed, emotions and experience become shared, I become cognizant of a sacred spirit that flows endlessly and is homogenous to all creation.. I get to know what you know. That is a sacred relationship. Through my sacred relationships I contribute to and perpetuate a sacred spirit that is omnipotent.

Sacred Spirit runs timelessly and tenaciously connects us all in one thread, interlocking our fates as one with this earth of ours. A sacred energy born of you and me and all other forms of life that in a single breath unites our destiny.

This morning I was reminded in reading an interview that the fate of our civilizations and humanity will not be saved even if every one of us practiced good sustainable actions. And in that I was reminded again that only by welcoming and stepping into a sacred relationship with sacred spirit can we regenerate our world and only then will it matter.

Falling Down the Virtual – Spiritual Rabbit Hole

I explore my reality and hence possibility by contemplating the thoughts of others, reading, conversing, listening, meditating and personally experiencing new things. I am very aware that we choose how we want to be in the world. We each determine for ourselves how we want to negotiate our time, resources and energy, how we interact, how we make ourselves heard, known and understood. So I ask why, I listen, I watch, I stir pots, and I observe myself in these interactions. In this way I find out what makes me tick and where I want to focus my energy; most importantly with regards to my spiritual path.

The internet provides us with a lot of articles and opportunities to reach the world. People are searching to connect, to understand new things, to make others understand their positions, and there are an awful lot of people out there who spend an enormous amount of time on social networking sites! Wow…it’s staggering. I wonder why. I’m just kidding…I already know why. I’m there too after all. We want to meet people, talk about things that matter to us, find like-minded people, communicate, find our place in the world. Ultimately as we glean little bits about others we come to know ourselves better. I’m not out there to meet friends, I already have those – I’m out there to meet new minds. I want to know what people are thinking about, specifically with regards to spiritual growth, change and development. Navigating the internet and all the information on it is like embarking on a trip to Wonderland – Alice’s Wonderland that is!

Curiouser and Curiouser!

So with regards to this matter of spiritual growth and development I have discovered that there are a lot of people who seem to know the way! Very exciting! Many people have opinions which they are very eager to share, some people pass along other people’s opinions, some people just want to talk and aren’t interested in listening at all to what others are really saying.

You can slip down a rabbit hole pretty quickly if you don’t know what your spiritual intention is. There seem to be an awful lot of white rabbits out there wanting to lead us down one garden path or another – all equally reasonable, all spiritually ‘guided’ and most seem in a hurry to get somewhere. Presumably they are offering a happier, more peaceful, more enlightened place; a wonderland perhaps! But as we are aware, Wonderland is chock full of illusion and drama that tends to occupy our senses in a very nonsensical kind of way.

The airwaves offer us a plethora of spiritual rabbit holes. So many ways…so many things to consider…so little time! We’ve all learned that things aren’t always what they seem.  As our knowledge base increases so does our perception and our ability to see illusion. There is only one path – at a time – for every perspective. You can, of course keep changing perspectives and keep jumping paths but you will eventually get tired and frustrated. Or you can start where you are and heed the greatest words ever…Know thyself. What do you need, want, desire and know? This is a key purpose of your life; to know where you stand and to stand in your shoes satisfied that you are in the right place and the right time.

Navigating the Spiritual Wonderland

Remember why you embarked on the spiritual journey. Are you finding what you’ve been looking for? Give yourself a reality check. Are you happy? Is your life satisfying to you? Do you have and are you maintaining self-respect? Is the quality of your life improving? Is your spiritual path supporting your values and ability to choose?

As long as you are a walking, breathing, thinking, ekeing-out-a-living human being, you have a responsibility to be human. Does your spiritual rabbit hole make you a better human being? Are you more or less content to be a contributing member of society? If you can’t answer yes to these you might consider finding a new rabbit hole.

Ask yourself who’s attending the tea party? Are they sane? Are they followers? Are they committed to the highest good or simply adversarial?

Eventually Alice arrived home knowing herself in an expanded way, more content in her own skin, inner demons conquered, heart re-discovered. Does your rabbit hole lead you back home a better person?