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Ask and You Shall Receive!

I am often asked to do home tarot card parties. I usually don’t know most of the people who will be attending so as I drive to the house I do my normal routine of getting centered, focusing ahead to the evening and tuning in to the vibe of the night. Instantly I become aware of very specific emotions that are connected to the participants of the evening. It’s a very interesting phenomenon that the people who gravitate together for any particular event, be it a workshop, card party, Reiki class, or seminar have something in common with each other even though they may all be strangers to each other. It is an aspect of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like even when we are not always aware it’s going on.

When I first started teaching I would notice and observe this happening and marvel at the coincidence. Today I take a more aggressive approach and throw out a silent “Thank you” to the universe for bringing the right people together in the moment before I arrive. Ok, so maybe that part isn’t all that aggressive but it is purposeful. Simply acknowledging that the right people have come together would allow the magic to begin.

I have come to trust 100% that in universal energy we are always aligned with others with whom we can co-create a new possibility. The main obstacle is that we don’t communicate our needs with others and miss opportunities because we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves and our problems. I do know for sure though, that in any group you are bound to get a wide variety of perspectives of experiences, worries, fears and successes. Just by acknowledging this diverse dynamic seems to allow the like forces to begin matching up. The universe seems to work in mysterious ways – suddenly you may find yourself saying something or doing something that you wouldn’t normally ever say or do only to find the person next to you totally gets it and has the ability to help you.

I’m not suggesting that you go around blathering all your troubles far and wide. Discretion is still important, but consider that there is someone in your immediate vicinity with a solution to your problem or just a piece of advice that can help. Become still, listen carefully, and follow your heart. Your heart is the transmitter – receiver that will guide to the next best step. Trust your universe, your heart, and your self. You – no matter how you see yourself, are a  co-creator worthy of receiving the bounty of universal wisdom. Ask and you shall receive all the help you need! But you gotta’ ask!!!


Hunkering Down in Big Winds of Change

Wow. This wind makes me nuts.

I had half a dozen phone calls from people this morning complaining of feeling strangely unsettled and unable to focus. They didn’t think to connect their feelings with the energy of the wind.

There are certain winds that make me crazy. What we’ve got blowing through Ontario today is one of the worst for me. I get feeling edgy, antsy, and nervous. My thoughts flit about in my head and my teeth chatter. My finger tips and toes freeze no matter how warm the wind or day actually is and my spine feels cold and stressed. So here I am hunkering down in my Reiki room trying to stay out of the direct path of the wind. All gardening plans for me today are gone!

I’m tucked safely inside, sheltered completely from the wind and yet I can still feel it. The energy of it can’t be stopped. And as uncomfortable as I am, I am also grateful. I know that when the big winds blow there are big changes afoot. And that’s a good thing! You can’t have growth without clearing away the old energy. The wind, like the other elements are extremely useful for shifting possibility. The wind is the element of air in action, air represents our minds, our thinking, our thoughts. Windy air whistling through our brains clears our thoughts, changes our attachments, brings us to new perspectives.

The best thing to do when the wind is whipping you around is to get grounded, breathe really deeply, and try not to catch the thoughts as they blow around in your brain. Let them be until the wind stops. Trying to anchor down plans, pin down ideas, or capture thoughts during the big winds is like trying to catch Dandelion seeds before they land and take root. Seize the opportunity to kiss goodbye to things that no longer serve you and let them blow right out of your life. When the mind isn’t attached to ideas amazing things can happen. When the wind finally stops you’ll find that what bothered you before has less hold on you. You’ll be refreshed with new ideas and hopeful for the future.

The wind can also blow some energy into something you want to fire up; something (someone) you feel passion for – but be careful, you’re liable to burn down the whole neighborhood!