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Sacred Pilgrimages

The further I advanced into my healing journey I more I realized the deep internal imbalances that sit within our collective consciousness in our time between our masculine and feminine energies. As stress and illness overwhelm our world we are being called to remember our true divine nature and return to a highly intuitive state of kindness and grace for ourselves and one another.

Part of a sacred healing journey is the practice of pilgrimage. Pilgrimage offers us a walk of surrender, overcoming physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles toward a new realization of our sacred self in connection to the whole. Pilgrimages may be long arduous journeys, hundreds of miles in length or short focused walks with intention and discipline. In the attitude of the pilgrim we surrender ourselves to the process  and demands of the walk, we release, we receive unification and move toward restructure with clarity and renewal of spirit and intent.

The Labyrinth

CCL-01The NLM primary method of pilgrimage is to use the labyrinth with its purposeful geometry, unicursal pathway, and powerful feminine energy. The labyrinth has captivated the imaginations and minds of spiritual seekers for hundreds if not thousands of years throughout all continents of our planet. In one form or another they have been discovered in caves, on stones, in hillsides, at otherwise recognized sacred sites, and in obscure hidden places. They have been found on coins, on pottery, in paintings, in literature and in architecture. Labyrinths often present us with a story and a history and at other times they seem completely random and unrelated to the locations in which they are found. It seems evident that we have found them to be intriguingly useful for our cultural well-being and growth.

Labyrinths and mazes symbolize a mythology for humankind. They lead us on a Hero’s Journey, they speak idealistically of a truth that is greater than truthful, factual events.

Labyrinths connect us to our Sacred Self and indeed to the Sacred of all life. It has been said that a sense of sacredness appeals to our timelessness, to the part of us that knows inherently that we go on and on, that we are divinely intricately interwoven to the story of humanity through the very nature of our being. As we venture on this walk we expand our consciousness outside of our usual realms and discover our unlimitedness. We begin to remember who we are and our innate vast potential as divine seedlings under the care of the Great Mother and Father. We begin to want to grow into new expressions of ourselves that are free of fear and self-imposed limitations.

I welcome you to participate in one of the many labyrinth workshops and pilgrimages I offer.

*Special Note of Credit:

Charles Gilchrist has produced the above mandala “The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in Nature’s First Pattern”.

Via hiswebsite he invites us to reproduce this painting to use as a finger labyrinth. Actual art prints are available for
sale on his site for $59.95 plus insurance, shipping & handling.:

Labyrinth Mini Workshops & Journeys

I offer many of these mini introductory workshops everywhere I go. If there is a labyrinth near you and would like to host a gathering by donation I would be delighted to come! Donations will be split 50/50 – 50% to preserve the labyrinth we walk and 50% to help cover my travel expenses. Great opportunity for opening a new labyrinth or blessing ceremony for an established one.

~ by donation

Walking the Sacred Path of the Labyrinth

This full day program leads us into the wonder and mystery of the Labyrinth throughout time. Come learn about the labyrinth and its use for discernment, illumination, reflection, problem solving, prayer and empowerment.

This comprehensive exploration is a soul nurturing experience of working intimately with the Labyrinth through to learning configurations, construction and various purposes. You will discover its innate divinely feminine nature and power to re-store and re-balance.

$200.00 ~ 8 hrs includes manual

2016 Sacred Feminine Pilgrimage Mini Retreat

September 2016 (Details will be posted soon)

images-1Dream a New Day Women’s Retreat
Join us in this 3 day residential discovery retreat into our divine feminine.  We will do daily silent pilgrimages to the labyrinth, workshop our journeys in group settings, discussions, meditations, journaling, and healing exercises. Our purpose is to re-ignite our Divine Feminine Core Energy and discover sanctuary and strength in the company of women. With intention and focused attention we will create and hold a vision for a world that is abundant in growth, health and peace. Contact Andrea for more information and itinerary!

$525.00 ($450 camping alternative)

$150 non refundable deposit holds your space!

5% Early Bird Discount if paid in full by August 31st, 2016

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