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A Promise to Myself

Several years ago I discovered that I needed a blueprint that I could follow on a daily basis to build my spiritual growth by. Some of these things I was already easily doing, others I needed to remind myself of. I put them all in a list, pinned it up on my wall and read it many times a day! I promised myself to follow my list. I noticed that the days I felt low and crappy were the days I wasn’t following my promise. And I also noticed that following my ‘promise’ list would pick me up out of any depression and immediately shift my mood into a happy, stable place again. Try it for yourself!

My Promise to Myself

Today I will…

~ meditate 10 minutes in mindful awareness and silence.
~ journal one thought, idea or feeling.
~ express gratitude.
~ notice one beautiful thing.
~ appreciate someone else for something.
~ receive a blessing.
~ let go of something.
~ meet another with compassion.
~ do something kind for me.
~ pray for the wellbeing of one other person.
~ have faith that everything is in good hands.


Comments on: "A Promise to Myself" (4)

  1. Patricia Nonnemaker said:

    Namaste ❤

  2. I see posters and framed prints and lovely ways to share these, as you already do with your students. As Christine said, it’s a beautiful list. I may need one in every room and a wallet size to carry with me! *wink*

  3. This is a beautiful list, Andrea…just beautiful! I find that when I do similar things, I feel so much more joy for life and for myself!

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