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Please enjoy this heartfelt guide to creating a daily spiritual practice! Thank you Kristina!

Soul Conscious Living

Meditation It is in the quiet moments of Daily Practice, when no one is around to notice, encourage or celebrate your steps, when it is just you and the power of now to set the bar higher and ask a little more of yourself, that personal Integrity is ignited.

 A Daily Practice does not have to be difficult. Whether your practice involves doing one thing or a number of things a day, the key to making long lasting change is to take small steps that you can repeat with accuracy and consistency. The objective is to gently rouse your brain, heart and body out of their drowsy routines and tell them to start working on creating a new reality for you.

 Let’s begin with Accuracy. To set up a Daily Practice for Soul Conscious living I would suggest that you have four categories: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul. In each of…

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