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words divinely wrought

Today, March 9, this blog becomes four years old.
This post first appeared here in August 2010,
titled, “this is for those of us who weep.”

This is for those of us who weep,
Whose tears hasten the blush of new blooms
For the young ones, the elders, for all our relations
For the pain that punctuates this planet we call Home
For the slings and arrows that have pierced us time and again and again
Yet will never breach our deepest reservoirs of compassion,
This is for us.

This is for those of us who feel,
For whom shuttering cracked and wounded hearts is not an option
We who will not go meekly into the dark night
Will neither squander our light for the sake of a transient comfort
Nor cloak ourselves in intellectual posturing and mental whirligigging,
For those of us whose feelings guide our most authentic actions,

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Andrea. Your blog is gorgeous — a feast for the senses! Any of your friends and followers are welcome over at Be Whole Now.

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