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Awakening the Sacred Self

In times of change, economic, climatic, environmental or otherwise we find that we need to be very clear on our own inner resources to maintain a sustainable sense of stability and peace. Without a clear knowing of our personal strengths and challenges we can easily be swept along in the chaotic spin of the moment. However, with knowledge and awareness we may not only learn to conserve our strength and resources but may also find ourselves in situations where we can offer added strength to those around us. The key to all this is coming to personally understand where the truth of our own heart lies.

The awakened heart brings love and compassion to the table at every opportunity. Many people hope to live their lives with an attitude of love and yet find many obstacles along the way that prevent the actual manifestation of it. Heart disease and other serious illnesses are rampant in our society today. Fear abounds everywhere. So how do you know when your heart is truly engaged? An engaged heart has a quality of joy and optimism inherent in it’s expression. It lives bravely and courageously in daily life. We keep our heart engaged by directing our attention toward love.

In order to experience an engaged heart we must also bring our minds into alignment. Quantum mechanics has shown us that it is only possible to focus clearly on one thing at a time. The mind loves its stories and mysteries and can get easily confused when too many variables come into the picture. The mind has to be trained to focus, to be patient and maintain a healthy course.

The relationship goes something like this; the heart receives a signal from the universe around it and feeds its impulses to the brain, the brain in turn analyzes, authorizes and delegates specific tasks and duties throughout the bodies systems to respond as it determines is best including information back to the heart. If the heart becomes overwhelmed by the mind’s fears or doubts the experience may become drastically altered. Visa versa if the heart overwhelms the mind with inappropriate messages disaster may also ensue. Balance is the key. Both are sacred aspects of ourselves that in most people are not able to express themselves as such. Our hearts and minds must come into alignment and begin to experience synergy of feelings and thoughts in every moment. We need to train ourselves to be masterful beings.

Mastery happens with conscious training and awareness moment by moment. Only by being mindful of our entire being as it moves through and negotiates its life experiences through all of its senses will we learn to appreciate the potential sacred quality of life as it exists. Every moment can be beautiful but this is a perception. We can learn to train ourselves to expect a beautiful outcome or a difficult one. All potential exists equally in every moment, you are the perceiver and indeed the designer. Your ability to choose will determine what you witness. Awakening to this truth is key to awakening the sacred self within.

When we are able to fully understand our innate ability to perceive a sacred quality  in life we are able to create the world that reflects our bliss back to us. Our world will change but it must change from the inside of ourselves outward.

 A Heart Warming Event


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