New Leaf Mentoring … new thought. new health. new life.

From 2002 to 2012 I lived in a truly magical place. Our one acre lot sat nestled amongst 30 acres of rolling hills and forest, perennial gardens and open space. We had more than a dozen ancient spruce sentinels majestically standing on guard over our property, wildlife – from squirrels to deer- roamed freely in broad daylight, birds chirped, sang and warbled all day long and yet my home was on the edge of town within walking distance to all amenities. My husband even put in a golf green and tee deck for a 60 yard practice hole. It was perfect. A Slice of Eden. I wasn’t the only one who thought so either.

I had worked from my home for about 8 years when it dawned on me quite unexpectedly that it was possible to add a new dimension to my work with my students. My property suited me well. Clients and friends had always enjoyed the gardens and property waiting for appointments or for meditation circles but it was that one particular morning after my meditations that I considered the possibility of my home becoming a healing/educational retreat place. It was rustic, it was natural, it was peaceful and it was time to share it!

There was a feeling on those grounds of being held. Of being supported. Of being hugged by the trees. I thought at first I was the only one who felt it and then I started noticing the melting that happened in people’s faces and posture as they sat on the patios. Despite their issues, despite their pain, there is a space here where it can be let go – even if only temporarily. Healing ground! Sacred space!

Focusing on What’s Right and Sacred

My property, my work, my family, and my life are sacred to me. The quality of our lives is determined by understanding what we hold sacred and how whatever that is holds presence in our lives. In the end it’s all about how we stimulate and encourage the sacred to be ambient and radiant throughout our lives. In a sacred attitude we are generous, mindful, respectful, honest and compassionate. When you add Reiki or any other powerful healing intention to the mix you create a magical opportunity for transformation.

There is a tendency among energy workers/healers to hunt out and heal issues. But after all these years working with clients in all sorts of difficult health situations I know of another way that is infinitely less painful and more successful than focusing on the issues. In focusing on the health of the body, on the vitality in life, and on the inherent light that resides in all manifestations of life we empower our potential and right to health, and in turn dispel the darkness. When we embrace peace, joy, life force energy we displace and transmute stagnant energies of pain. When we surrender to the health in us and forgive ourselves for believing that we are defined by our pain and losses, we heal. When we enter deep rest we initiate deep healing. Like begets like.

Immersed in nature we learned to experience the unlimited vibration of health. We experienced first hand the indomitable spirit of never-ending growth and potential. The vibration of nature is celebratory, exultant, and pervasive. There is a well-spring of health within us that is in perfect attunement with the vitality of nature. Nature is all about surrender and acceptance of what is, when we allow ourselves to be engulfed we learn to give over our ego and meet our true spirit. And so a weekend for Reiki practitioners was born; a weekend of being supported by nature to fully experience our own innate potential to be whole and to be healed in peace.

All things in life change and eventually we left our beloved home for new adventures and other places but the Reiki Camp continues to this day on the second weekend of September. Join us to experience healing with other like-minded individuals in the presence of Nature.


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