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I’ve been involved in a project as a collaborator for the past several weeks. What that means really is that while I have tried to do my part as well and as actively as I could I am just a cog in the wheel. The wheel is the brain child of others. They launched their project on the internet for all the world to see this morning after months and months of developing, organizing, preparing, visualizing, recruiting, and formatting. It has been a formidable task I’m sure, but their vision was clear and they were determined. It was my privilege to assist them in realizing their goal. Their project is called ‘Feng SHe’ and its purpose is to provide solutions for heart and mind to generate and promote balance between the masculine and feminine energies that create our world and our thought. Through the combined efforts of like-minded individuals – yours truly included – we have provided a bevy of articles, information, and new thought that address the concerns of imbalance that perpetuate in our society. Please check out their new site

The thing is folks that the time of me, me, me is over. As we start living in the Aquarian vibrations of our current era our greatest efforts will be rewarded when we combine them with the efforts of others. This is an age of oneness, working together. Competition will gradually become a thing of the past as we learn to develop a consciousness of co-operation and oneness. As we learn to band together we will learn to understand fully that what affects me affects you, what benefits me benefits you and as I conquer you I simultaneously sabotage myself.

One principle, One mind, One direction. We will not become clones of each other, never fear. Within each one beats a different drum, to a different creative tune. We each have our voice and we will all be heard. The beauty lies in the natural harmony that is created when we all band together and each do what we do best.

So I urge you to get together with like-minded people and create something harmonious, for business or pleasure the outcome will be spectacular – a naturally balanced harmony.


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