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I’ve been getting a lot of emails to join prayer groups for the healing of the oceans, the forests, the earth; and just when it seems to me that people are starting to actually wake up, I get other emails that say ‘the gods are angry’, ‘the earth is angry’, ‘these catastrophes are happening in areas where people have been evil for too long and god is teaching a lesson’. They reek of judgment, fear, and projection. If we want to help our earth and ourselves people it’s time wake up and get real! These mind-boggling catastrophes are caused by human error, negligent practices, unbridled greed and lack of foresight. The earth changes are part of the earth’s journey through the stars. There is no mystery. The earth is not angry (though I wouldn’t blame her) and the gods? Well… no comment!

Let’s try to look at things a little differently. We’ve been asleep, not because we haven’t been serious about the escalating level of crisis in our world, but in the ways we have been dealing with all these issues. We blame, we hate, we rage, we sign petitions, we engage in war. We’re expressing powerful emotions of anger that aren’t doing anything except perpetuating more powerful expressions of anger, fear and rage and sadly killing millions of species of life on our planet every minute in the process. The global fear and outrage is part of the nightmare we currently find ourselves in. Remember like begets like.

So wake up!! The nightmare can still end, it must or we will all be trapped in it. It’s imperative that we learn to focus all our collective energy towards the dream we have for ourselves and our children.

The clock is ticking and we are quickly approaching the end of a massive time cycle. This is a natural course of events, nothing unusual at all. We have already gone through 4 of these 5,125 year cycles, we are currently ending the 5th and heading into the 6th. It is part of what is known as the “precession of the equinoxes”. It is the journey Earth traveling through the heavens as marked by the placement of the constellations of the zodiac. We are leaving the Piscean Age and beginning the Aquarian Age. Each age is marked by a key development which had significant influence over that time. The Piscean age was marked by the event of Christianity and has 2 fishes facing opposite directions as it’s symbol. It’s been an age of dualism, opposites, ownership and conquering. The Aquarian age however, is an age of oneness, unity and holism. And this clearly presents the task ahead of us now.

We can no longer assign blame and point fingers for the problems at hand. What happens to one, happens to all. We are one mind, one consciousness and we have one future. We need now to get together and practice patience, tolerance, respect, love and acceptance. The possibility to heal our world lies within our ability to heal ourselves and ultimately, how well we will be able to release ourselves from fear and the limiting, debilitating effects it has over our free thinking minds and henceforth our ability to solve problems.

As our Earth travels its elliptical path around the sun and now reaches its furthest point away from the center of its orbit, the magnetic pull on the earth is at its weakest creating a wobble in its axis. The earth has been steadily shifting on its axis and it is being predicted that a complete polar magnetic flip may happen. All these planetary changes seem to mirror the madness happening to the people on earth. Wobbly intentions, lack of direction and commitment, lack of meaningful relationships.

People…it is time to dig our feet into the soil and get grounded, make a strong commitment to Earth and life on earth, and start developing a focused relationship based in  love and compassion for one another, all life, and the earth. We are one. Don’t Pray for the earth as though you are worried for her survival,  your own life and the life of your children, pray instead by communicating and holding glorious visions of beauty, health, wisdom, balance, peace, light and faith in her and our potential. In love there is the possibility for new understanding and true problem solving. When fear and blame are abolished solutions can arise that were previously hidden. Only then can we hope for a new light filled beginning. The solutions for a new world rest in your hands, in the visions you hold in your mind, and the love that is born of your heart.


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