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Wheels of Change

The cosmic wheels of change are turning. Of course they do every day for many people, but there are times when the really big wheels turn for many, many people all at once. These are times of transition for the masses. I know when these times are because personally I get really quiet and still. I shift in to waiting, watching and listening mode. I also know when we are in these times because I start seeing people going through the same issues at the same time, they say the same things to me, their stories are eerily similar even though the people themselves often feel isolated and alone in their pain. The other sign post that tells me that we are in one of these big transitions is that I have an overwhelming need to sit in my garden, touch the earth and be immersed in Nature’s order and harmony.

So I’ve been sitting there amongst my hostas, day lillies and herbs listening to the wheels of change turning. Actually, to put it a little more accurately, lately it’s been the sound of wheels grinding to a halt. I’m hearing stories of people wanting to make some significant change but stepping back into their reliable – even if painful – routines. Afraid. Confused. Depressed. Avoiding making any change, fearful of making the wrong changes. Fair enough, but it is a dodge, stall and hedge tactic. And the soul knows it and feels deeply unhappy. I feel compelled to remind folks to breathe deeply and keep it simple.

It seems to be our way to confuse issues, adding in too many considerations, too many responsibilities. Bottom line, there are 2 ways to make change just as there are 2 ways  to live your life. You can choose to fight your way through, dealing with obstacle after obstacle, resistance after resistance or rather choose to shift along peacefully, rightfully, respectfully and in good timing. One way is really hard and one isn’t. In the first way you are pushing the river, in the other you are going with the flow. In the first way you are in a survival based mode, fight or flight, strategies and manipulations, the other is harmony based, right time, right place, present in the moment with vision for the highest good of all.

It can be difficult to shift from a reactive to a proactive way of being. We are conditioned to believe that it is easier to change things from a reactive stance in that we wait for the situation to unfold before us and simply respond to it. From a reactive position we know very clearly what is expected of us, and we simply have to respond accordingly. It also gives us a way out and the opportunity to shirk responsibility with statements like “what could I do?” or “I had no choice”. Everyone gets it because everyone’s been there. But it’s miserable all the same. You feel disempowered, cheated and diminished. In a proactive situation you make choices before you’re painted into a corner. You decide ahead of the demands, choosing an option that is more aligned with your own intention and thus your own happiness.

You’ll find it easier to manage through difficult times if you just wait patiently and quietly for the right moment, when the force of the universe is behind you to steadily and consistently make the changes you need to be making. Life after all, is all about making choices and changes. The more you resist change the more difficult life will get. You’ll recognize the right time when you feel gratitude and respect and happiness oozing up through the muck.


Comments on: "Wheels of Change" (2)

  1. Well, you’ve sure hit the nail on the head for today!

    My mantra is “Inspired Action Only.” Today, after watching a variety of people in my very tiny rural town flipping out because they have chosen not (yet) to get on board with the new energies, I spent most of the day in a quiet room, shelving donated books for the library that I have been called to create.

    This was my expression of your experience of “…sitting amongst (the flowers and herbs) listening to the wheels of change turning.” As you say, “right time, right place, present in the moment with vision for the highest good of all.”

    I’m glad to find you. Please come and visit me at Be Whole Now.

    • Thank God for libraries and gardens! Eventually the choice to get on board will seem like the only sane thing left to do – everything else will seem sheer terror.
      Thanks for contributing!

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