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There are times when I have become aware of not working with my whole mind. When I have responded to a grown up situation in a childish way, when I have been paralyzed in fear in a situation that others waltz through, when I have ached with longing to be understood and appreciated, when I have felt fragmented and disoriented and couldn’t respond to situations in a logical rational way, I knew that in those moments I was functioning from an incomplete understanding of myself. In healing lingo we call it soul loss, soul fragmentation, loss of power.

A soul fragments when it is faced with grave danger and isn’t equipped to handle the situation. A part of the memory shuts down, encapsulating the experience and tucking it away out of consciousness where it, hopefully, won’t ever be disturbed. But universe has an intelligence that far surpasses our own little fearful minds and will present us with a multitude of opportunities to revisit old scary places where we will potentially reclaim back our little lost bits. Universal goal seems to be that we live as whole human beings, with all our memories and issues in tact. Yuck! Sometimes it feels way easier to just leave sleeping dogs lie!

Claiming back our power isn’t about riding rough shod over someone else or even about feeling powerful. It’s about experiencing wholeness. Everyday we engage in power negotiations. It’s a normal part of the deal in our human way to negotiate space, placement and value. Sometimes we feel solidly ourselves – sometimes we feel hopelessly fragmented. When we repeatedly fail to defend ourselves, when we fail to stand up for what we know is right, when we feel a herd of buffalo stampeding through our guts at the mere thought of facing a situation or person we know that we’ve touched a place within that is weak and feels powerless. We all go through this experience from time to time. This is part of the journey of life. The purpose is to find our strength and free will to make a new choice, the glorified experience of being human.

I want you to remember a couple of things:

i) you are complete as you are. you have everything you need to go through anything that will happen in your life. Your entire life is a soul retrieval. You choose situations that allow you to feel more and more of yourself and your reactions. Every time you hit your fear and survive it, you have retrieved another piece of your soul. Every time you take an evasive action and try to avoid a situation you let the fear win. Every time you realize success over even the smallest challenges you have reclaimed your power.

ii) It’s your choice. You can avoid dealing with an issue as long as you like. But having said that I will ask you to bear in mind that it is the law of attraction that keeps putting you face to face with an issue which indicates that you are more ready to deal with something that you think. Repeatedly denying to face something puts you in the vibration of resistance which will in turn cause you pain and discomfort mentally, emotionally and physically.

Trust your soul energy. Your personal spirit is truly in communication with universal spirit to guide you towards your next moment of healing and empowerment. These moments of healing generally lead us to reclaim our lost pieces of power. When the opportunity arises trust that part of you knows best and you are indeed ready to retrieve a piece of your soul, day by day.


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