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There are days when I would just love to run around pushing people off the fences they’re sitting on! I’m not really a nasty person, I just see that life would be better for people  – no matter how hard – if they would simply say what’s on their mind! It’s kinda’ the same as pulling a band-aid off quickly!

I strongly believe that you can’t tell people what to do for a couple of reasons. i) they don’t like it and ii) I don’t have the right to. I’m not saying my life is perfect, and for sure it’s easier to spot a fence sitter than to always know when you’re on one yourself, but really…sometimes you just got to wonder what people are waiting for! I hear people say: “I’m just not ready to make a decision yet.”

Yeah right! The longer you sit the harder it gets, trust me, been there done that! The longer you sit there doing nothing, the more disoriented you become. Eventually you don’t even know what you really feel! Never mind what you really want to say! And forget about knowing what to do!

Sometimes it is so painfully obvious what needs to be done and yet people insist on sitting on their fence, vacillating, wobbling, pondering, ignoring, and sometimes just waiting. People actually develop back pain and other health issues from trying to maintain their balance while trying not to commit to one way or another. They become so preoccupied in trying to not fall off the fence that they lose sight of the decision they really have to make. Seasons come and go and people sit there like some kind of garden ornament.

There is really only one good reason to sit on a fence; to get a better vantage point. Sometimes raising yourself above a situation that you are mired in will create enough of a shift in perspective to make a decision. Unfortunately, though, once we’re out of the situation and removed from the emotional and mental duress of it we can choose to sit and rest for a while. We just have to be careful that the rest stop doesn’t become a place of refuge, because that’s when the real trouble starts! You can actually build a whole other life sitting on top your fence. And although it looks real, feels real, and sounds real – it isn’t!

You will not be allowed to stay on the fence without consequences. Universal consciousness hates fence sitters, and will test your fence-sitting skills by throwing a couple or ten balls at you that you have to keep juggling to keep up in the air while you’re trying to sit there. And if that doesn’t work, and you somehow manage to still not make a decision to get off your fence and back into the real game, you’ll soon notice the weather getting a little stormy. Illness, emotional upheaval, weight gain or loss, depression, financial issues and other losses will start to affect your balance. Universal consciousness is built by people making choices. Permanent fence-sitting can not be tolerated in an ever-growing, expanding universe. New growth and expansion doesn’t happen easily on a fence. When we don’t make choices we end up getting really confused. Eventually, like it or not you will lose your balance and fall off your fence. A decision will be made…with or without you.

I urge you to get off your fence voluntarily. Speak up! Say what’s on your mind! Don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers and make some waves. Committing to a decision is way better than not. You can always change your mind. The universe is an endless source of opportunity and new beginnings. Climbing or jumping off your fence voluntarily is a lot easier on the ole’ body than being shoved off and causes way less damage!



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